10 famous cartoons that were banned in different countries for some reason


We grew up watching cartoons on TV screens. We used to find it funny and innocent but there are some cartoons which were banned in some countries for being very controversial. If you do not know about it then read further.

1. An episode of Peppa Pig was banned throughout Australia

In one episode people were taught to be friends with spiders and insects. However, in a country like Australia, where 10,000 species of spiders live (some extremely venomous), this was very dangerous. Thus it was banned.

Katrina Banned - Peppa Pig

2. Episodes of Spongebob Squarepants was banned in more than 120 countries

Some episodes of this cartoon were banned in more than 120 countries including USA, Europe, China, Russia, Australia for showing violence and using hate speech. Also, an episode was taken off the air in which Squidward contemplates suicide.

cartoon banned in the world

3. Few episodes of Tom and Jerry moved around the world

People thought that many episodes of the show were controversial because it justified unreported violence. In some episodes, cartoons were also seen smoking, drinking and doing things that were not suitable for children.

tom and jerry best cartoon ever

4. Episode One Tiny Toon Adventures was banned around the world

In an episode titled ‘One Bear’, cartoons were seen trying to steal a beer bottle. The characters who consume alcohol are not suitable for children and hence the episode was taken off air.

banned cartoon

5. shrek 2 was banned in israel

Israel banned cartoons for mocking public figures and making sexual gestures. In the episode, the characters say ‘Bobbit’, indicating that they want to amputate a character’s biological parts. When dubbing, the authors replace it with a popular Israeli singer, famous for his high voice. The joke did not go down well with singer David D’Or, who also sued the cartoon’s authors.

Shrek 2 - Cartoon Ban
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6. sheen chain was banned in India

The cartoon aired in India in 2006 and was banned in 2008 for promoting mischievous behavior. Shin Chan’s behavior towards adults was disturbing to the people and thus, he sought to ban it.

shin chan cartoon banned in india
v-asahi material

7. China bans popular cartoon show Winnie the Pooh

The cartoon was closed in July 2017 after memes surfaced on the Internet comparing the cartoon with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The government was against any kind of joke against the leader, resulting in the blocking of Pooh images on the Internet as well.

Winnie the Pooh - Cartoon Banned

8. One of pokemon The episode was banned on TV in Turkey, Japan and the Arab League.

In one episode, there was an explosion consisting of bright blue and red flashes with a frequency of 12 Hz. Many children complain about their health and some even experience partial vision loss and loss of consciousness. It was also said that 600 children were hospitalized. Later this whole incident came to be known as ‘Pokémon Shock’. The cartoon was banned in Japan, Turkey and the Arab League.

Banned Pokemon Episodes

9. Banned on Kenya and many Middle East countries steven universe

In 2017, Steven Universe was banned from the Kenya Film Classification Board for being ‘gay’. Defending the action, KFCB said in a statement, “The show aims to introduce children to deviant behaviour.”

Cartoon Banned - Steven Universe
Rolling stone

10. cow and chicken banned in india

The show was banned in India because it featured cows at the end of violence. In the county, cows are worshiped and thus, the cartoon was found to be derogatory. Along with this, there were also some grossed-out jokes or sexual innuendos that were problematic.

Cow and chicken cartoon banned in India


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