12 common people who unexpectedly went viral on social media


By 2021 we all know the power of social media and how it affects people. How people get inspired, show their true talent, get the spotlight they deserve. But sometimes people have to struggle a lot to reach that place. But sometimes it just takes some courage and confidence to become an internet sensation.

These are some of the people who gained overnight fame on social media, thanks to their unintentionally viral content:

1. Sahadev Dirdo – childhood love

Sahdev is a child from Chhattisgarh. His teacher sang to him, childhood love Recorded the song and posted it on Instagram. Now it has gone viral to such an extent that lyricists like Badshah have asked her to work with him for that remake of the song.

Social media is full of memes, tweets, edits, reels about the same. Recently #BaspanKaPyaar also became a trend. Sahdev has also appeared in reality shows where a remix of his version of the song was played. No wonder a teacher can change your whole life.

I’m sure at one point you either got tired of the reels where your friends or random people reeled in on that audio with their group. The voice or inspiration behind those reels is Dannir. He is a 19 year old Pakistani influencer. While she was on a trip with her friends, she shot a satirical video of how some girls behave during old trips. That video quickly spread like fire. Bollywood celebrities also shared and made similar reels.

She was also approached by brands where she was asked to model for them. But she refused as she wanted to focus on her education. This video broke cultural barriers like a pro.

Deepika was seen as a staunch supporter of RCB. People went crazy about her and started searching her name, even she googled Deepika Padukone’s name. We get to see such a sensation once every year during IPL. But Deepika didn’t expect so much love and increase in her fan following just by supporting RCB.

rcb girl

4. Sarim Akhtar – Cricket Bald Guy Meme

I remember making stickers to use on WhatsApp and spamming my friends to annoy them. The bald man behind the meme is Sarim and he is half Pakistani-American. When he saw that a Pakistani fielder was missing a catch that was too easy to catch, he made that face and the camera immediately shot it. In an instant, messages, memes, memes started forming from his face, which was not expected at all.

Though it has been a long time since he rose to fame, but till now the use of memes and his expressions are in favor of every awkward situation.

Sarim Akhtar - Cricket Bald Guy Meme
know your meme

5. Ranu Mandal – There is a love song

Ranu Mandal became famous with her video of the song, There is a love song, She hails from Krishnanagar, West Bengal. His singing style not only made him an internet sensation. But she was also called by Bollywood playback singer, Himesh Reshammiya, where she signed a contract with him to sing for his new album. Her song with Himesh, our storyIt went viral too.

6. Kanta Prasad – Baba’s Dhaba

Kanta Prasad was the owner of a food stall in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. A food blogger posted a video during the lockdown and asked people to help him and buy food from him. Since then the video went viral and Prasad set up his own restaurant named, Baba’s Dhaba. People helped him financially by donating money online too.

7. Vipin Sahu- give land

I am the ******* the one who came here Imagine being so intimidated by paragliding that you literally scream these abuses. Back in 2019, Vipin went for paragliding, where he luckily recorded his entire experience. His video went viral in no time and he was so intimidated by that whole stage that he wanted it to end as soon as possible.

Not only this, he offered more than 200-400 rupees so that he would stop and get down on the ground again. Now she is famous on YouTube with more than 129k subscribers.

8. Anita Gupta – Gucci Belt Ran

Almost in April or somewhere else Anita Gupta was recorded unboxing a Gucci belt. We are all well aware of how expensive and expensive Gucci is. But he didn’t care, his initial reaction was to belt school like a school belt. Which school do you ask? It is none other than the infamous Delhi Public School belt.

9. Vaibhav Vora – Mature Garden

A bag that is not only an amazing style statement but is spacious and comes in handy for just about anything. That’s a mature bag. There’s nothing better than swag when you can pick things up and style up the girls too, right? The bag became a meme and not only that, but the Mumbai Police also joined the bandwagon.

10. Child Anushrut – Video protesting against haircut

Anushrut’s father was giving him a haircut because that is the only option you have during the lockdown. But Anushruta kept blowing his lungs out instead of calming down and chilling. “Hey Bapre what are you doing, I am angry, I will kill you, I will cut you, I am too big, I will not allow cutting” Some help him, he is crying for help!

11. Somvati Mahavar – Drink tea

Waking up just to see a woman asking people to drink tea was probably the best thing that entertained millions. Somvati uploaded a video of herself asking people to drink tea and it was a viral video. Big brands also jumped in to take advantage and saluted copywriters for their amazing skills for advertising in the best ways possible.

12. Harjas Sethi – Work From Home Rant

Harjas Sethi works in an MNC. While the cases of coronavirus gradually decreased, people were asked their opinion on returning back to office for work. This left Harjas frustrated and he posted a video of his rant about how nervous it was to get back to work.

All the working people associated with him shared. At the end of the video, she mentioned that the video is just for fun and if someone in her office sees it, they should not fire her. To which people commented that he should not be fired, in a very funny way. Now she is known on the internet as ‘Work from Home Girl’.


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