13 great child actors of web series who gave great performance


Some child actors make a substantial impact in the films or series they are a part of. Actually, many Bollywood superstars have started their career as child actors in the showbiz industry. With the rise of web series culture in India, we are seeing a large number of child actors in pivotal roles.

Whether he will follow the league of Fatima Sana Shaikh, Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, or Hrithik Roshan, it is sure that he will be remembered for his exceptional performances in the popular web series.

Let us have a look at this list of child actors who gained popularity for their performances in web series.

1. Vedant Sinha family man

Atharva may seem like a troubled spoiled child family man, but his performance was definitely on point. Vedant Sinha essays the role of Atharva in the popular Amazon Prime series family man With famous actor Manoj Bajpayee. Child artist also appeared in reality shows like DID, India’s Best Dramebaazi, Etcetera.

Vedant Sinha as Atharv in The Family Man

2. Riva Arora black khuhi

Riva Arora is better known for her role in Vicky Kaushal’s Uri. She later appeared in the lead role in Shabana Azmi’s paranormal drama black khuhi.

Riva Arora in black holes

3. Ashlesha Thakur Inn family man

Ashlesha Thakur became the center of internet memes post family man season 2. However, it cannot be denied that the young actress nailed her role so convincingly. Ashlesha was also seen in Sanya Malhotra’s film pgllight For a brief role.

Ashlesha Thakur in The Family Man
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4. Divyansh Dwivedi mirzapur

Divyansh was only seen for a brief part of the popular web series mirzapur. He played the role of a daring waiter who demands money from Guddu and Bablu Pandit. Remember?

Divyansh Dwivedi Mirzapur
Divyansh Dwivedi/Facebook

5. Veerati Vaghani and Viren Vazirani Inn Arya

Apart from Sushmita Sen, child actors Varti Vaghani and Viren Vazirani were also scintillating during their screen presence. Varti played Sushmita’s daughter Arundhati in the show. After doing more than 100 ad films, she finally got her break in a web series like Arya.

Varti Vaghani and Viren Vazirani in Aryas

6. Vishesh Bansal Inn Asura

Vishesh Bansal was already popular even before he played the child version of protagonist Shubh Joshi Asura. The actor was also seen in a daily soap called Neither you spoke nor I said anything: as the son of the protagonist.

Special Bansal in Asur

7. Bodhisattva Sharma Inn Hades

Bodhisattva Sharma made a brief appearance in the popular series HadesProduced by Anushka Sharma’s home production banner. Not much is known about the child artist, but his acting is remembered by all.

Bodhisattva Sharma in Paatal Lok
teen taid/twitter

8. Atharva Vishwakarma breathing

The cute kid created a lot of buzz for his adorable look in the R Madhavan crime-thriller series breathing. He played a lead role in the show and R. Played the on-screen son of Madhavan’s character.

Atharva Vishwakarma in breath

9. Ivana Kaur breathe in the shadows

Ivana Kaur played a pivotal role in the popular web series breathe in the shadows. Ivana Kaur played the role of Siya Sabharwal in the second installment, starring Abhishek Bachchan in the lead role.

Ivana Kaur in Breathe in Shadow

10. Akshat Das serious man

Akshat Das to play Adi Mani in Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s series serious manApart from the vagabond actor, he also made some headlines. In fact, many fans believed that at a certain point the child actor even overshadowed Nawazuddin.

Akshat Das among serious men

11. Saina Anand Inn discordant

Child artiste Saina Anand plays Saanvi in ​​Red Chillies Entertainment’s paranormal adventure drama discordant. His stellar performance kept the audience hooked to the show, which received only mediocre response from critics. However, Anand’s acting prowess is worth watching in the next installment.

Saina Anand in Betaal
Saina Anand/Facebook

12. Arna Sharma, Mikhail Gandhi, Palash Kamble and Sara Gesawat typewriter

This Indian horror web series had a legacy of child actors who played an integral role in this paranormal drama. Arna Sharma, Mikhail Gandhi, Palash Kamble and Sara Gesawat are among the group of friends who solve the horror mystery on the show. Apart from the experienced cast of the show, these starlets have definitely made a splash.

Arna Sharma, Mikhail Gandhi, Palash Kamble and Sara Gesawat in typewriter

13. Dishita Jaini infidel

infidel They are prominently remembered for the heartwarming chemistry and performances of Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina. However, the cuteness of this actress Dishita Jain, who plays Diya’s daughter, cannot be ignored.

Dishita Jain Kafiro
Bhog Express


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