13 unrecognizable make-up transformations in Bollywood that left fans stunned


There is no doubt that Bollywood comes with some amazing stories and movies. But what makes the film even more realistic is the make-up skills and transformation of the actors. Many times they are not recognized and this is the catch behind the films.

There are films where the actor had to sit patiently during the entire make-up process, perhaps everyday before shooting. Due to which it took them about two hours to go through the whole process. The amount of dedication is absolutely real.

Here are some important makeup changes in Bollywood:

1. Amitabh Bachchan – Get

Amitabh Bachchan played the role of Auro Or Get. A child who was suffering from a significant disease called Progeria. The makeup team included artists such as Kristian Tinsley (of The Passion of the Christ fame) and Domini Till (of The Lord of the Rings fame). The makeup look was very difficult to pull off, but with it. The film earned her a National Film Award for her make-up skills (2009).

Nearby Amitabh Bachchan
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Although Raabta Did not hit the screens very well and as expected. But Rajkumar’s makeup was done very accurately. He played the role of a 34-year-old man. A makeup team from L.A. worked on it and honestly, they made her look totally unrecognizable. Like even if you watch his character for a long time you probably won’t understand that it’s him. The artist who worked on it was Jubi Johal and he did a great job.

Rajkumar Rao - Raabta
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3. Kamal Haasan – Hindustani (Indian)

Kamal had a double role in this film. So obviously the makeup should have been on point anyway. The film was way back in 1996, he had to turn into a 70-year-old for the roles. Makeup artists Michael Westmore and Michael Jones acted as makeup artists for their looks. It was worth it as Kamal later won the National Award for the film.

Kamal Haasan in India
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4. Rishi Kapoor – Kapoor and sons

Rishi Kapoor played the role of 90-year-old grandfather in this film. The main aim was to make him look older than he naturally looks because the man was like fine wine. Greg Canum worked here as a makeup artist. The makeup was great.

Rishi Kapoor starred as a 90-year-old grandfather in this family drama, and his cute antics were supported by his amazing makeup – which looked completely natural. And it was all thanks to the efforts of makeup artist Greg Cannom, who coincidentally won an Oscar for Vice at the 91st Academy Awards.

Rishi Kapoor - Kapoor & Sons

5. Shahrukh Khan – fan

Shah Rukh Khan played a double role in this action thriller and changed his appearance to play the role of an obsessive fan. While everyone knows that Shah Rukh is no stranger to playing ‘obsessed’, his artistic transformation was thanks to Greg Cannum – the same artist who worked on Rishi Kapoor’s look Kapoor and sons.

shahrukh khan fan transformation
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6. Hrithik Roshan – Dhoom 2

The role he played was that of an international thief. Which apparently had a lot to do with makeup. He turned into a thief, an old security guard, an old woman and a dwarf. Sajan Gillings showed the magic of this makeup and pulled off each one of them with absolute perfection.

Hrithik Roshan - Dhoom 2 Old Man

7. Kamal Haasan – Aunt 420

The film itself was inspired by the Hollywood film Mrs Doubtfire. The lead actor had to play a woman who needed a lot of on-point makeup skills to look believable. Michael Westmore who won an Academy Award for his makeup skills did the job to perfection.

Kamal Haasan - Aunt 420

8. Shabana Azmi – Spider

The film was Bollywood’s first comedy horror. Which not only requires a lot of acting skills but also expertise in makeup skills. Shabana had to transform herself into an evil witch and this was possible only because of the magical hands of Arun Aditya Seal.

Shabana Azmi Transformation Makdi
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9. John Abraham – Romeo Akbar Walter

Though we’re used to seeing John in movies where there’s a lot of action bits, a few guns blazing car flips, and he leads the whole scenario. The role he played here was something off the charts for him. He played the role of an old man, the makeup was done by Preetisheel Singh.

John Abraham Romeo Akbar Walter
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10. R Madhvani – rocket – nambi effect (to be released now)

The film was not released yet and is on the list. But the pictures we got to see on social media already told us how much makeup skills are required for this. Maddie is being made a 77-year-old scientist. And obviously the way Maddie looks so young, she’s going to need a lot of makeup.

Madhavan - Rocket - Nambi Effect

Sanju was one of the prime examples of the good side of makeup in Bollywood. It took 3 hours everyday to pull off this look. Due to which Ranbir looked exactly like Sanjay Dutt. Dr. Murki and hairstylist Aalim Hakim did all the magic.

Ranbir Kapoor Transformation Sanju

12. Lara Dutta – Bell bottom

In the trailer, we already know how Lara looks similar to Indira Gandhi. In a tweet Lara thanked her makeup artist for her Amazon job and creativity, we were equally amazed by the makeup transformation. The man behind the change is Vikram Gaikwad.

Lara Dutta - Bell Bottom Indira Gandhi
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13. Akshay Kumar – 2.0

Making a human robot with the help of makeup is not an easy task. But the makeup team in this film, Legacy Effects did it seamlessly.

Akshay Kumar - 2.0
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