15 Famous Movies That Were Copied From Other Movies


The word “copy” sounds like someone tricked or fooled us. But maybe it can look better if we look at it from the other direction. The directors took inspiration from some of the films and it became a fan favorite. Most of the names are unknown and people are unaware of them.

The list below includes the names of fans who were actually inspired by other films:

1. Munna Bhai MBBS and Patch Adams

Shocked, aren’t you? So was I after knowing this. Our favorites Munna Bhai and Circuit Robin are heavily inspired by William Patch Adams.

Munna Bhai MBBS Patch is copied from Adams

2. Alive and Oldboy

Inspired by Sanjay Dutt’s Zindagi movie Oldboy. However, the main film had a lot of detailing and well cinematographed. Alive was literally a blurry and fuzzy copy of the film. Meanwhile, the main film had some wonderfully exciting moments.

Movies copied from other movies

3. Doom and the Rock

No, it’s not the rock, “If You Smell..” It’s Nicolas Cage’s The Rock. Obviously, Doom has been copied, but the cinematography is a bit similar. The visuals are a treat for the eye, and according to some fans, Ajay Devgn did not disappoint. is that so?

Popular movies copied
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4. Taxi No. 9211 and Changing Lane

A rich man, a merchant taxi driver, and the verdict. Both the films are largely similar. Changing lanes is much better and well known, the idea being very well described and understood by the audience. Meanwhile, taxi number 9211 is very vague, it seems like they tried to juggle too many ideas in a few movies. Making the film a little chaotic and quite awkward.

copied famous movies

5. Shaurya and some good men

Tom Cruise starred in the latter film. Shaurya, on the other hand, tackled a much heavier subject, that of Islamophobia. Fans say that it did justice to the original film as the plot was not completely copy-pasted. But did it really do it justice? Doubtful.

famous movies that were copied

6. Companions and Hitch

However the subplots were different from each other. Both the movies are hilarious, even if the story doesn’t make sense, but the movies were a lot of fun to watch. Although the plots were similar to each other.

Popular movies copied

7. Twin and Twin Dragon

Just as they literally copied the name of the film, the plot was also copied. The same twin brothers separated, Kaboom met at one point in life! A movie! Although the plot is not that entertaining, it was a huge hit in the 90s.

Bollywood movies copied from Hollywood - Judwaa

8. Salaam-e-Ishq and Pyar, Actually

Poster, plot, cinematography, everything was exactly the same. Though different to make it a bit more like the subplot, “not copied” but the movie wasn’t nearly as good, Love, actually. A big thumbs down and boo for Bollywood.

movies copied

9. Friendly and now I pronounce you Chuck and Larry

Dostana had attractive actors. He also had some fan-favourites. But it was not 1% of the comedy level of the original film. Also, the original film was far less cliche and cringe to watch. The dialogues are presented very well.

copied from friendly

10. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar and Breaking Away

The themes are quite different. Both the films have different fan bases, or maybe the same, who knows?

Bollywood movies copied from Hollywood

11. A Common Man and a Wednesday

Well, for a change, the Bollywood film was copied and not vice versa. Although this is a very rare situation. But, now you know how good the plot must be since it’s copied by Hollywood!

A Wednesday copied from Hollywood movies

12. Sangam and Pearl Harbor

Both the movies are very good and based on drama. So if you’re someone who likes that genre, I suggest you check out both. Because personally none of them disappoint. The cinematography, music, dialogues everything was completely on point.

Hollywood movies copied in Bollywood

13. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale and Hachiko Monogataric

Since the story itself is based on real life events. Both the films copied something from somewhere. It is basically a dog that dies while waiting for its owner who died due to unavoidable circumstances. Really heartbreaking. Give it a watch though.

cult movie copy

14. Kimba the White Lion and the Lion King

Although we thought the Lion King was an adaptation of Hamlet. Since the release of The Lion King, Japanese animators have been asking Disney to give him credits. Since the Lion King has a lot of resemblance to the Japanese movie Kimba.


15. Paprika and Inception

Inception is actually inspired by the movie Paprika. The plot is based entirely on a gadget that allows people to navigate their dreams. It’s legit There’s some Doraemon talk going on, I kid you not.

Copied from Inception Paprika
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And with that the list ends. Although they are all our favourites, knowing that they were copied from others kinda ruined our viewing experience, right? Anyway, if you want to watch some cool horror, or inspiring movies, or something that will help you with your emotional release, you know where to look! Don’t forget your popcorn if you’re re-watching your favorites!


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