15 Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Girls If You’re Looking For A Change


    15 Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Girls If You’re Looking For A Change A haircut not only prevents damage but also makes you look stylish. You can give different looks with different haircuts. Hair plays an important role in defining your look and most of us prefer to invest in cheap clothes and accessories and neglect the hair. So it can be a wise decision if you consider investing in a good haircut. Most of us think that good hairstyles can be done on long hair lengths, however this is a myth and even girls with shoulder long hair can carry amazing hairstyles. Most of the girls have medium length hair as long hair is extremely difficult to maintain.

    So, check out some trendy haircuts for girls with shoulder length hair that look amazing!

    1. Long Bob with Side Bangs

    This is a traditional style for medium length hair. This hair design should make you look fashionable and comfortable whether it is a friendly dinner with a friend or a board meeting with the executives.

    Fashionable haircuts for girls-long bob with side bangs

    2. Shoulder Length Hair with Layers

    Layers help make your hair look bigger and make you look sassy. Complete the hairstyle by blow-drying your hair for an amazingly stunning look as you see in the picture.

    haircuts for shoulder length girls
    latest hairstyles

    3. Layered Bob

    If you have slim figure and you like to wear western clothes then visit your hairstylist. This chic haircut will enhance your style fast especially if you are looking for haircuts for girls with round face. Sport this hairstyle to look sassy and make heads turn.

    hairstyles for shoulder length hair
    perfect hairstyles

    4. Classic Uniform Length

    If you are the kind of girl who loves chic and timeless patterns then this is the right hairstyle for you. Ask your hairstylist to style your hair to the same length. A pro-tip is to cut your hair with a trimmer instead of scissors. It can give the right touch of contemporary fashion to the otherwise classical look.

    Classic equal length haircuts for shoulder length hair
    make personality

    5. Straight Blunt Lobe

    In a straight blunt lob, your tresses are styled to give a mesmerizing look. Your super smooth tresses will help you to feel charming. Hair straightening will help. Use a smoothing serum or a little hair oil on your wet hair and then dry it completely. Use a flat paddle brush to smooth the ends.

    haircut for shoulder length hair

    6. Medium Wavy Cut with Bangs

    This amazing haircut accentuates your features and enhances your beauty. You can choose to style your hair in sandy waves or add splashes of bright colour.

    shoulder length hairstyles

    7. Choppy Layers

    Choppy layers give a trendy look without compromising on the length. This bold cut will enhance your look and give you a stylish look. Here your stylist will cut your hair in asymmetrical proportions to create a defined look. This hairstyle adds volume to your hair and you can consider highlighting some of the strands with bold colors for a unique look. This hairstyle may require some maintenance but it looks great.

    haircut for shoulder length hair
    latest hairstyles

    8. Waves and a Side

    Parting your hair the right way is key to the right hairstyle. This hairstyle features a long bob with a traditional layer. The side part adds volume and creates a lovely silhouette.

    trendy haircuts for shoulder length hair

    9. Shoulder Length Hair with Messy Waves

    This is another great hairstyle for shoulder length hair. This iconic cut creates a distinctive design and adds volume. You’ll love the carefree waves that bounce from side to side as you move.

    best hairstyles for shoulder length hair

    10. Long Front Layers

    To create this hairstyle, your stylist will keep your hair in long layers at the front and hit directly at the jawline, making your forehead appear smaller. Hence the focus shifts from your forehead to your neck and thus this hairstyle makes you more attractive.

    top shoulder length hairstyles

    11. Blonde High Volume Layers

    This trendy cut is ideal for those with thin hair. In this hairstyle, the long hair is pulled forward to make your hair look bigger. Use a wide circular brush to style your hair to make it look perfect.

    medium blonde hair
    perfect hairstyles

    12. Short Side Swept Bangs

    This short side-swept bang not only looks trendy but it also helps you to keep the right proportion between the neck and the head.

    perfect hairstyles

    13. Giant Wisdom Lobe

    This haircut makes your hair more shiny. After getting your hair cut, ask your hairstylist to blow out your hair. You will look very beautiful with this trendy hairstyle.

    perfect hairstyles

    14. Shag with Disconnected Razor Layers

    Next time you visit your hairstylist, ask her to give you this haircut. Here the bangs are made longer which will give you a peek-a-boo vibe. When you style your hair, add some hair on top of your forehead. Shag with blunt ends and angled layers: In this hairstyle, blunt and angled layers create a textured look. This hairstyle gives you a sexy look and it should be paired with western outfits to look great.

    razor layer hairstyle for shoulder length hair

    15. Long Disconnected Bob with Highlights

    This is a new hairstyle where the ends are cut off. In this haircut, your hairstylist will use faded highlights to make you look attractive.

    haircuts for women with shoulder length hair
    perfect hairstyles

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