15 Indians With The Worst Possible Names You’ve Ever Heard


India is a land of many strange things including strange names. Sometimes it gets weird if you have weird names out of everything to last a lifetime. So, if you live in India, here is a list of the worst possible names. What Were They Thinking? Were they high or just clueless? Whatever the case, maybe we just hope you don’t have one of those.

1. If you want to do business in India, then never keep such names.

2. Well, this is the name of a clothing store.

3. Valentine Mirchi Participated Who wants to be a millionaire.

4. We also have James Bond here.

5. A Dr.

6. Think before creating Facebook profile with such names.

7. Yes, you are reading that right!

8. Do people really come to you?

9. Now we also have an identity card with this name.

worst possible name

10. Don’t you think before having such name for your business?

worst possible name

11. Modi government everywhere.

worst possible name

12. He is a Senior Eye Surgeon!

worst possible name

13. Frustrated with the crew member on set?

14. It can cause weakness.

15. Combines powers.


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