17 Beautiful Bridal Looks From Different Regions And Cultures Of India


    There are many types of traditions and customs in Indian culture. People like each and every ritual and tradition, be it East, West, North and South. And here the culture and festivals vary from region to region, caste to caste and class to section.

    In India, marriage is not only a bond of two souls, but a bond that has to be maintained. seven births. Indian weddings are a celebration of life in a way and brides flaunt their best looks.

    Here are some bridal looks from across India that are gorgeous and will leave you spellbound!

    1. Sikh Bride

    No matter how many ornaments and gems a Sikh bride may be adorned with, her look is incomplete without the two most important things, the chuda and the kalire. As far as the Anand Karaj function is concerned, the bride can choose from an Anarkali suit or a heavy lehenga. The head is covered with a veil till the forehead for the ceremony.

    Bride’s bangle can be of white, red, pink, peach color which is given to her by her maternal uncle and aunt. The bud is tied by his maternal uncle to the bride’s bangle. They are small golden or silver trinkets that serve as a blessing to the bride.

    sikh bride

    2. Christian Bride

    Christians living in India have certain traditions and customs which depend on the region they belong to like Mangalorean Christians, Goan Christians, North-East Christians etc. Not all Christian brides wear a white dress for their wedding, some may choose to dress up with a brightly colored saree for various functions.

    But the bride who decides to go for white has to follow some strict fashion rules, the first is a net made with the help of tiara, second a train in addition to her dress and finally a white flower bouquet .

    According to their custom, the bride walks down the aisle of the church with her father. We generally see that Christian brides go for a white wedding and hence there are a lot of options available in dresses, veils etc. for any one. When it comes to their jewelry, they go for platinum, silver or diamond neckpieces, earrings or bracelets.

    Christian bride

    3. Assamese bride

    As per their tradition, the bride has to wear Mekhla Chadar which is considered as the bride’s dress and is presented to her by the groom’s mother. The color of the saree is generally white or cream embroidered with gold work. They generally limit the amount of jewelry or makeup to be worn but maang tika is considered very important and sacred.

    Assamese bride
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    4.Punjabi Bride

    Punjabi brides usually wear a maroon, pink or red lehenga for their big day. However, there is no compulsion regarding colour, they can go for any color of their choice but black and white is avoided. Apart from her heavy lehenga and jewellery, a nath or nose ring is an integral part of her get-up.

    punjabi bride
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    5. Muslim Bride

    The notable feature of a Muslim bride would be the ornaments that are specially adorned with chandeliers and the silk cloth worn by her on the wrists containing a silver or gold coin presented by the groom’s mother before the wedding. They also wear a garland that supports the veil that hides their faces. They can show their face after their marriage. Her eye makeup is something to die for!

    muslim bride

    6. Telugu Bride

    The bride changes her outfit twice during the wedding. She wears a silk sari with jewelry and a waist band for the ceremony where she is brought in a bamboo basket or basket by her brother and maternal uncle. And she wears a white cotton saree with red embroidery for the Jeelakara Bellamu and Madhuparakam ceremony.

    telugu bride
    wedding strings

    7. Bengali Bride

    A Bengali bride wears a red, maroon and pink embroidered saree that is either white or off-white in colour. The traditional attire consists of bright pink, maroon or red Banarasi silk sarees with zari work. Alta is considered an auspicious part of the dress and is applied on the feet and palm of the bride.

    bengali bride
    marriage ceremony

    8. Malayali Bride

    Like other South Indian brides, these brides are also adorned with metallic jewellery. Her outfit is a white silk saree with a golden border. They were floral ornaments consisting of gajras, bracelets and necklaces made of white and orange tuberose flowers as well as jasmine flowers.

    Malayali Bride
    marriage brigade

    9. Tamil Bride

    The first thing you will notice about a Tamil bride is her jewelry. Her hair is braided in an adorable way and adorned with gold ornaments. Most Tamil brides wear a multilayered necklace made of gold.

    The head of the bride is decorated with heavy ornaments. It consists of single string maang tika with forehead patti and long earrings till the bun of her hair. A Tamil bride wears a bright colored Kanjeevaram saree with zari border.

    tamil bride
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    10. Maharashtrian Bride

    Mundavalya, which is a string of flowers, is something that makes a Maharashtrian bride different from other Indian brides. The traditional dress is made of silk sari known as Paithani and the hair is adorned with mogra flowers. Her saree is in dhoti style.

    Maharashtrian bride
    wedding strings

    11. Marwari Bride

    The Marwari bride wears the heaviest outfit consisting of a beautiful, heavy lehenga with silk or gold work. The jewelery she is wearing matches the heavy lehenga. Borla, kundan choker or neckpiece, a fingerlet, a gold nath is of remarkable importance. During the ritual, the bride is adorned with a bandhani odhani, which acts as a veil to cover the bride’s head or face.

    marwai bride

    12. Gujarati Bride

    Their traditional outfit is intelligently designed which is associated with their community. These brides wear sari with pallu in front. She changes into two outfits i.e. a gharchola and panetar.

    A gharchola is a bright red saree with zari and silk work in checks and stripes pattern. It is given by her in-laws to show the acceptance of the bride as their daughter. Panetar, on the other hand, is a white saree with red, golden and green dots handmade and extensively designed. It is considered to be her last gift from the maternal side.

    gujarati bride

    13. Oriya Bride

    Her outfit includes maroon, red and magenta coloured, majestic lehengas or saris with appropriate handicrafts. The traditional wedding dress consists of red chunri with gota work. The couple will have to wear a traditional hat for the ceremony.

    Oriya bride
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    14. Andhra Bride

    Her outfit is the most sophisticated and simple. The jewelery consists of an armpit, neckpiece and earrings. She wears silk sarees with checkered and patterned work.

    andhra bride

    15. Kashmiri Bride

    The dress has a pheran, raffle-design, moreover, an aari or hook embroidery on the neck, cuffs and sides of red, yellow and pink colours. The headwear consists of a white colored fabric with a kalpush covered with a golden glaze paper called a jujube and a whole lotus called a tarang.

    kashmiri bride

    16. Ladakhi Buddhist Bride

    She wears the traditional dress goncha and loose trousers. The goncha is made of a thick woolen material that is tied around the waist with a belt and a waist band. They wear a perak (head) covered with black lamb adorned with turquoise stone which is a kind of blessing to the bride for the happy life ahead.

    Ladakhi Buddhist Bride

    17. Parsi Bride

    She wears a white dress, a beautiful heavily embroidered saree. Throughout the ceremony, her head is covered with a sari palla.

    But modern brides limit themselves to covering their heads with a palla until the rituals are performed. The jewelry consists of platinum and white pearls.

    Parsi bride


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