17 pics that proved Mithun Chakraborty’s fashion sense was way ahead of its time


    Mithun Chakraborty, popularly known as Mithun Da, has been a Bollywood style icon. Apart from being a prolific actor, he is also a successful entrepreneur, TV host, author, politician, singer, producer and social worker. Mithun Da is known for his impeccable dancing skills and is called the disco dancer of Bollywood, named after his iconic film. disco dancer. He is one of those actors who won the National Award in his very first film. Mrigaya – The Royal Hunt. Not only his movies but his fashion sense was always impeccable and ahead of time. He knew how to grab everyone’s attention with his vibrant clothes and unique outfits.

    1. I bet no one else can rock this look with three belts

    2. Look Gentle

    3. There are some stylish boots that are needed to give them a look

    4. Or maybe a scarf

    5. He definitely knows how to create fashion trends

    6. What about some gold shirts?!

    7. Now You Know How Important It Is To Own A Pair Of Shoes

    8. He Reinvented Denim On Denim

    9. Bollywood’s Disco Dancer

    10. Creating an entryway with your golden look

    11. Things Fashion Influencers Need To Learn From Him

    12. How about some bling?!

    13. No actor can do as well in these looks as he did!

    14. Killer Style in This Leather Jacket

    15. A Little Exercise Is Necessary

    16. Watch It For A Movie

    17. Her fashion sense can stun newcomers

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