20 controversial statements of Bollywood celebrities that created a sensation


We all agree somewhere that Bollywood industry is like any other professional industry where people have different opinions and views. Just like we vent our anger about our bosses and fellow employees, celebrities need it too. But, the only thin line of difference exists between the two, while the statements and comments made by us disappear in the air, the statements and comments made by celebrities become a big tussle and give rise to a complicated controversy. . . Below are 20 such controversies by celebrities.

1. Aamir Khan asked for Shahrukh in his blog

“Shah Rukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits just now. What can I ask for?”

aamir khan said srk is dog

2. Karan Johar About Priyanka Chopra

“Using your hired PR machinery and hiding behind so-called ‘friends’ to get news in the tabloids is nothing but spineless and lame.”

Karan Johar Priyanka Chopra

3. On Sonam Kapoor’s acting skills and looks.

“Just because someone looks ugly doesn’t mean they can act.”

sonam kapoor sexy

4. Naseeruddin Shah said about Farhan Akhtar.

“Farhan Akhtar’s films are the ones I clearly don’t care about.”

Naseeruddin Shah Farhan Akhtar
oil slick

5. PC’s reply to Kareena Kapoor.

“Well, I guess if you don’t have one (the National Award), it’s just sour grapes. You know. What shall I say?”

Priyanka Chopra Kareena Kapoor
india today

6. Jaya Bachchan On Shah Rukh Khan’s Fight

“If Shah Rukh had made a defamatory statement about Aishwarya in my presence, I would have slapped him.”

Jaya Bachchan and Aishwarya
Hindustan Times

7. When Anushka Sharma was asked about the competition between her and Deepika Padukone.

“I am the likes of Kashyap and Hirani. She is Ayan’s and whoever it is. I never pull anyone down. It makes me good, doesn’t it?”

Anushka Sharma Deepika Padukone
Bollywood Life

8. Sonam Kapoor’s reply to Shoba Dey.

“Guys please don’t take Shobhaa De seriously. She is a fossil who is not taking any action and is going through menopause. So just for her… (sic).”

Sonam Kapoor Shobhaa De controversy
india today

9. What Deepika Padukone said about Ranbir Kapoor in Koffee With Karan.

“I would like to gift a pack* ms of condoms to Ranbir because he used to use them a lot.”

Woman Ranbir Kapoor dated or was linked to

10. Salman Khan in Aishwarya and Hrithik Roshan starrer film request.

“Oh no one has gone to see the dog.”

Salman Khan on Aishwarya and Hrithik Roshan's request

11. Kareena Kapoor in comparison to Aishwarya Rai.

“There is no point in comparing me with Aishwarya, we are from two different generations.”

Kareena Kapoor Aishwarya Rai
oil slick

12. When Sonam Kapoor was compared to Aishwarya during the L’Oreal campaign.

“Aish has worked with my dad so I don’t have to call him Auntie?”

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Sonam's controversial statement - Aishwarya Rai
bright colors

13. Ashutosh Gowariker setting the score with Priyanka Chopra during IIFA.

“Priyanka, I love you. But I don’t know how you got the Best Actress award when Aishwarya was also nominated in the same category for Jodhaa Akbar.”

Ashutosh Gowariker Priyanka Chopra

14. Salim Khan on the dispute between Salman and Shahrukh.

“Salman and Shahrukh can never be friends.”

salim khan shahrukh
sentinel lassam

15. Vishal Bhardwaj took censorship.

“The censor board is behaving like the Taliban, it should be censored and hacked.”

Vishal Bhardwaj on censorship
daily pioneer

16. Ranveer Singh said when a fan tried to flirt with Anushka Sharma.

“Hold your tongue. She’s my girlfriend. I’ll break your nose.”

Ranveer Singh Anushka Sharma movies list
Bollywood Life

17. Shahid Kapoor on working with Kareena Kapoor.

“If my director wants me to work with a cow or a buffalo, I am ready to do it.”

Kareena Kapoor Shahid Kapoor

18. Salman Khan on his infamous fight with Shah Rukh Khan.

“Shahrukh was not my girlfriend… doesn’t miss his old girlfriend, what will Shahrukh do.”

Salman Khan Shahrukh Khan
bad life

19. Aamir Khan in Amitabh Bachchan’s Black With Rani.

“I didn’t like the film. I found it too insensitive, it sends a lot of wrong signals. It was extremely manipulative. The performances were also over the top.”

Aamir Khan on Amitabh Bachchan
Celebrities and Movies

20. On the arrest of consenting adults in Abhay Deol’s hotel raid in Mumbai.

“It is normal in our country to worship P#nis. Then, why is S#* displayed so often?”

Abhay Deol
india today


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