20 Fun Drinking Games You Can Play at Your Next House Party


Drinking games are one of the best and most important ingredients for any house party. You only need alcohol as a main ingredient. These games are the best way to remove the stress and tension of your life and enjoy the party to the fullest. These innovative drinking games challenge our mental strength, eye coordination, body coordination, choice and more at a time.

Here is a list of fun drinking games that will make you go crazy for drinking:

1. Never Have I Ever

This is an amazing but tricky game that helps you to unravel the secrets of your friends! All you have to do is share something you’ve never done before and those who have it will take a sip of their drink.

Who knows you’ll see your friends confess their embarrassing stories through the game.

Drinking Games Never Have I Ever
amazing invention

2. Beer Pong Beirut

This is one of the most interesting drinking games full of fun in which once a player successfully shoots a ping pong ball into a cup, their opponent has to drink the cup where the ball landed and that cup is removed from the table. goes.

The first player to successfully hit all of his opponent’s cups wins the game! The losing player must drink the remaining cups.

drinking sports beer pong beirut

3. Thumper Drinking Games

It’s a quick and easy game for the sleepy head that doesn’t require a lot of brain and physical work, all you have to do is sit around a table, choose a hand motion for yourself and pick a win mark or To give to the imagination is to leave it open.

When everyone pats on the table and the game begins, you initiate your hand action and then someone else’s action while the others keep thumping.

Now the person whose hand is done, repeats his action, and whose turn he wants. Anyone who makes a mess or takes too long to react, drinks. To make the game more fun, you can also create sounds and perform actions and sounds for everyone.

drinking games thumper
how cast

4. Most Likely

Most likely playing is a good way to discover new things about your friends. This game is all about answering questions about who is most likely to do a particular job.

Don’t forget that hearing the story behind the answers takes the conversation to a whole other level!

The main rule of the game is that the players must choose which of the players is most likely to perform a particular action. Depending on how obvious or how shocking the answers are, talking about the answers just adds to the fun of the game!

Most likely to play drinking alcohol

5. Flip Cup Fun Drinking Games

It can prove to be a good starter for a house party. In this game, two teams are competing against each other and both teams stand on opposite sides of the table and place their cups on the side.

Each person should finish their drink and turn the cup upside down with their fingers before the next member starts. The first team to complete it wins.

drinking game flip cup

6. Would you rather

This is another simple yet tricky game that will let you choose some interesting options to your friends. A great way to find out how similar or different you are to your friends! In this game, players need to choose between two difficult scenarios.

Questions can quickly go from easy decisions to difficult dilemmas! This is your chance to ask all kinds of questions in the name of fun!

would you like a drinking game
drinking game

7. Truth or Dare

No house party would be complete without Truth or Dare. The game is about the players choosing whether they will share the truth about themselves or dare instead.

This game can go from harmless to dangerous in a hot minute, especially when people play this game while drinking beer or tequila!

The main rule when playing Truth or Dare is that each player takes a turn to choose between answering a question correctly or dare.

drinking games truth or dare

8. Hip . attached to

This is a great ice breaker for your guests at your house party. This game will bring you and your guests closer. So, you write down the body parts on pieces of paper and put them together. Everyone forms a team of two and picks up two chits.

They have to ensure that the body parts mentioned in the chit touch each other or remain ‘attached’ for as long as they can. Every time someone is different, they take a shot.

drinking games attached at the hip

9. Alphabet Game

This is a mind blowing game that will make you think while drinking. It mainly involves choosing a category or topic and players take turns giving words that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

The game will certainly become a lot of fun when drunk people scramble to think of words and each player takes a turn to pronounce the words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. However, all words must have a subject.

drinking game alphabet

10. UNO with Drinks

Normally, people play UNO like they normally would, but there are additional rules that keep people drinking throughout the game.

Rules such as drink when you draw the same color as the player in front of you, drink when you draw the same number as the player in front of you. If you draw a suspension card, you can choose the player to drink in the draw—two cards, The player who next draws a card must drink and for a plus-four-card, everyone must drink.

Drinking Game Drink With UNO

11. King’s Cup Drinking Game

The game will be fully enjoyed when you play it with a large number of people. Each time you select a card, you must do what the list below says. Fluffy, better!

drinking game kings card

12. Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga is like normal Jenga but with weird and crazy challenges written on each of the 54 Jenga blocks. The trick is to pick up a block from the set pile of blocks with one hand and place it on top of the pile.

If the pile falls, you sip your drink and pick up two blocks and complete the challenges.

2 .  drinking games for
random lifestyle

13. Straight Face

It’s hard to keep a straight face when you’re drunk, and this game challenges just that. You write awkward or inappropriate sentences on small pieces of paper – which are difficult to read with a straight face.

Each player picks up a chit of paper and tries to keep a straight face. He who laughs or reacts has to drink!

drinking game straight face

14. Discussion

This is one of the easiest games, each player starts counting a number and says it out loud, except 7 and its multiples, in which case, you say buzz. If you don’t, you drink. Straightforward!

drinking game buzz
external facts

15. Cut the Bag

It’s a fun game and I’m definitely going to try it this weekend. So you place a bag on the ground and take turns bending over and lifting it only with your mouth. Keep in mind, hands are not allowed.

If you can’t lift the bag, you have to drink. As each round passes, an inch of the bag is shredded, and this continues for several rounds until only the bottom of the bag remains.

Drinking Games Bite the Bag

16. Cheer to the Governor

Like the buzz drinking game, Cheers to the Governor is another fun yet mentally difficult game where all you need is alcohol and lots of imagination to have a great time with friends. It is also called 21 drinking game.

All you have to do is gather in a circle and prepare your beer. The game starts with one player starting the count and saying 1. The person to their left goes ahead and says 2. This goes on until one player says 21.

At this point, all the players shout “Cheers to the governor!” and drink.

cup drinking game cheering governor

17. Yahtzee With Drinks

This is a popular dice rolling game that can easily be turned into a drinking game. Players need to get as many points as possible by rolling different dice combinations with five dice.

If you’re playing Yahtzee as a drinking game, the mechanics are the same as when you’d play regular Yahtzee, except for a few extra dice rules that will make people drink alcohol!

drinking game

18. Medusa game

To play this game, you need to prepare some shots in advance. Each player begins the game with their head on the table or their eyes closed. One player then starts counting 3, 2, 1 backwards.

After counting all the players look at the other player. If one player is looking at the other player and that other player is also looking at them, both players should say “Medusa!” Gotta shout. And should take a shot of alcohol.

If a player doesn’t have anyone watching, they can stop taking the shot.

best drinking game medusa

19. Cup Swap

Cup Swap is a silly drinking game that will drive you and your friends crazy. All you have to do is prepare two cups and a spoon for each player. Fill one cup with alcoholic beverages and leave the other cup empty.

When the game begins, each player has exactly 1 minute to pour as many drinks as possible into the empty cup using only a spoon. Once the minute is up, players must drink the remaining original cup.

Fun Drinking Games Cup Swap

20. Mr. Freeze

Mr Freeze is an amazing game that can be played at any time during a party that confuses people if they don’t notice. For this game, a person will be appointed as Mr. Freeze at the start of a party.

During the party, this person can randomly choose to “freeze” at any time, and everyone should stop noticing and do the same. The last person to follow the freeze takes a shot.

fun drinking game with cards


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