28 Supporting Actors Of “Friends” Without Whom The Show Wouldn’t Have Been Possible


It’s been 27 years since FRIENDS premiered. Still, fans don’t get over it because of the stories, the connections and obviously the characters in it. Fans are always seen talking about the show, how they are able to relate to the characters in certain situations. Hence, we can conclude that it is the characters who play a great role in popularizing the show.

When we talk about characters, we not only discuss the main characters but we also talk about supporting characters who played a great role, because who would Ross call Rachel, if Emily wasn’t there.

Here are some of the supporting characters who were seen in the season and what they’re up to now.

1. Jane Sibet- Carol Willick

Carol, undoubtedly, Ross’s first wife, has been one of the most famous characters throughout her acting career. Who left him when he fell in love with his friend Susan. However she was seen several times and appears as a recurring character throughout the season because of her son with Ross (Little Ben).

Other than friend, Jane has worked It takes two, Herman’s head And other movies too. He is still very close to Jessica and they even gave online yoga classes together.

Jane Sibet - Carol Willick

2. Jessica Hecht- Susan Bunch

Carol and Susan are the most famous couple friend Fans. Good that they met! Otherwise, how are we going to have our Ross and Rachel?

Jessica was very ambitious about her acting career and continued to work about the same. He has worked in films like whatever works, dan in real life. She . also appeared in breaking bad, but it was difficult to recognize her without her curly hair, which was seen in friend.

Jessica Hecht - Susan Bunch

3. Cole Sprouse- Ben Geller

How big has this little Ben grown! We still remember him as the little darling Ben who pranked everyone we learned from his Aunt Rachel. And how Ross dresses up as an armadillo to explain Hanukkah to Ben. Cole has a twin brother named Dylan. Together they have the . like the tv show Zack & Cody’s Suite Life And now he is also seen playing Riverdale’s Jughead Jones.

Cole Sprouse - Ben Geller

4. James Michael Tyler- Gunther

In addition to the main characters, Gunther has been the most frequently featured character throughout the season. Gunther was one of the most loved characters because of his ultimate love for Rachel and his equal hatred for Ross. Rachel’s love once bought her a cat that Rachel didn’t want anymore and all of Ross’s furniture was also touched by Rachel because Emily wanted to get rid of it

James had previously worked in a cafe, and the reason he was selected for the role was because he was the only person who knew how to work in an espresso machine. He has worked in many TV series including episode.

James Michael Tyler- Gunther

5. Maggie Wheeler- Janice

Who will ever forget Janice’s “Oh my god” and her gunshot laugh? We don’t even need to count the number of times he has made us laugh with his one-liners. Undoubtedly she has been one of the most cheerful characters of all time.

She has since appeared in films and series friend, with supporting roles. Some of his most famous works include parental net. Apart from acting, he is also very fond of music.

Maggie Wheeler - Janice

6. Michelle Whitfield- Barry

Barry has been a famous character in the first season, where he was left at the altar by Rachel. Not only in the first season, he appeared later when he was married to Mindy, Rachael’s closest friend. Apart from friend He has worked in various films and series as a voice star.

Michelle Whitfield - Barry

7. Cosimo Fusco- Paolo

Cosimo played the charming Paolo in the series, with whom Rachel fell in love after meeting during a power failure. After all this, Ross also got upset. Paolo is actually an Italian who lives in Rome, but he often knows English, unlike the series. He recently did the Spanish series 30 coins, for HBO.

Cosimo Fusco - Paolo

8. Larry Hankin- Mr. Heckles

Hankin is an actor as well as a producer, writer, director and singer. He has a very good career in acting, but he believes that his character of Mr Heckles has brought him fame and recognition. He played the role of the old Joe breaking bad, also in both movies and series. He also mentioned how he has been since the beginning and has seen the show grow slowly.

Larry Hankin - Mr Heckles

9. Hank Azaria- David

Hank was seen as the scientist and the love of Phoebe’s life, however, they could never be. more than friend Hank is recognized for his voice-overs in several Simpsons characters such as Chief Wiggum, Mo Szyslaki and apu nahasapimpetilon And many more. His role in the series is not very impressive but his voice overs are worth remembering.

Hank Azaria - David

10. Mike Haggerty – Mr. Trigger

Mr. Trigger is a beloved character from the series. He was the superintendent of the building where Joy, Chandler, Rachel and Monica lived. He is also known as Michael Gerard Haggerty. Apart from friend He has acted as supporting actors in many successful series like Grey’s Anatomy, Glee and Seinfeld.

Mike Haggerty - Mr. Trigger

11. Tom Selleck- Richard Burke

Tom is very well settled in his acting career, he is a winner of Golden Globe and Emmy. He got his share of fame and recognition after working in the Magnum P.I. series, and has also appeared in so many series and movies that when we talk about Richard, friend It is not something that comes to our mind at once. But, he had his share of effects on the show, where he was Monica’s boyfriend, but it did not go well as he did not want children.

Tom Selleck - Richard Burke

12. Steven Eckhold- Mark Robinson

Who can forget Mark? After all, he has been a game-changer for the show. When Rachel got her first job and how she loved everything about Bloomingdale’s. The main reason Rachel and Ross had their first breakup was because Ross was jealous whenever Mark was around. Not only in the first season he also appeared in the last one, when he offered Rachel a job in Paris. He has also been a part of series and movies but the character of Mark is quite famous.

Steven Eckholdt - Mark Robinson

13. Tate Donovan- Joshua Bergin

They were actually a couple when they were doing the show. But on the verge of breakup, when the two were working together friend. How weird it is to work with your ex on a daily basis and pretend to love the show. Things teach professionalism!

Tate Donovan - Joshua Bergin

14. Helen Baxendale- Emily Waltham

The character can never be forgotten. he is as british as his character friend Too. She played Rachel Bradley in Cold Feet. But, now she has taken a complete break from fame to focus on her family.

Helen Baxendale - Emily Waltham

15. Elle Macpherson- Janine Lecroix

We’ve seen Joy fall in love every day, but there are times when Joy felt like she had found the apple of her eye when Janine arrived. She’s an Australian, just like her character, and was Joey’s roommate when Chandler moved in with Monica. She is an international supermodel and no doubt she has everything when you look at her.

Elle Macpherson - Janine Lecroix

16. June Gable- Estelle Leonard

Estelle appeared as a talent agent who took over Joy’s acting career. Although she has a strange look on the show, there is definitely something that people absolutely love about her and remember till now. She was famous even before she appeared in friend.

June Gable - Estelle Leonard

17. Lauren Tom- Julie

He had a brief role in friend, playing Ross’s girlfriend Julie. Later, he continued to work as a voice actor for a famous cartoon futurama.

Lauren Tom - Julie

18. Jon Favreau- Pete Baker

Everyone dreams of having a rich lover. Monica was with him. in the third season of friend, he was Monica’s boyfriend, where he took her on a date at an Italian restaurant in Rome. He even bought her a restaurant where she could be the chef she had always wanted. Apart from acting, he is a renowned producer who has worked in films like The Lion King and the Avengers Voting.

Jon Favreau - Pete Baker

19. Alexandra Holden- Elizabeth Stevens

She was Ross’s girlfriend in Season 6. But due to the age difference between the two, she has always been the subject of discussion and jokes, not only that she was Ross’s student. But he left a good impression on the fans with his role and acting.

Alexandra Holden - Elizabeth Stevens

20. Noel and Callie Sheldon- Emma Geller Green

They are twin sisters who have become famous before they know it. They weren’t even a year old when they were part of friend. Later they worked together in some short films.

Noel and Callie Sheldon - Emma Geller Green

21. Paul Rudd- Michael “Mike” Hannigan

Mike is one of the most loved characters of the show as a supporting actor. The most adorable scene of the way Phoebe and Mike met. Other than friend, Rudd has had a very successful career as a comedian and now ant Man In the Avengers Voting.

Paul Rudd - Michael

22. Aisha Tyler- Charlie Wheeler

She began dating Joey, but somehow ended up with Ross, which sparked a brief romance between Joy and Rachel, but the dinosaur girl, whom Phoebe named her, forced Ross to be her ex-boyfriend. left too.

Other than friend, she has been seen in Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, Crime Scene Investigation And many other series and movies.

Aisha Tyler - Charlie Wheeler

23. Elliot Gould – Jack Geller

We remember Jack with his witty comments, dad jokes, and especially hatred for Chandler. No one forgets the way he called Monica “My Little Harmonica” and his steamy relationship with his wife.

He has a very good career in acting. He reunited with Marta Kaufman grace and frankieWhere Lisa Kudrow also appeared in a guest appearance.

Elliot Gould - Jack Geller

24. Christina Pickles- Judy Geller

Judy had a different preference for Ross, apparently because Monica wasn’t married yet. He is an Emmy Award winner with an illustrious career in acting.

Christina Pickles - Judy Geller

25. Marlo Thomas- Sandra Green

Sandra was a beloved character. She never hesitated to change what she did not like in her life. How she divorced and compares Barry to her husband in front of Rachel to understand that she will never love him.

She is now 82 years old and has an extensive career and is a writer by profession.

Marlo Thomas - Sandra Green

26. Ron Liebman- Leonard Green

He was difficult to get along with as a character and was a decision for Ross when Rachel became pregnant and Ross was not planning on getting married.

However, he died in the year 2019 at the age of 82.

Ron Liebman - Leonard Green

27. Morgan Fairchild – Nora Tyler Bing

She was the mother of Chandler Bing and a successful novelist. however when the whole friend The group enjoyed her company. Chandler was always embarrassed by her presence.

She has an illustrious career in acting through her series and films and also contributes to AIDS charities.

Morgan Fairchild - Nora Tyler Bing

28. Kathleen Turner- Charles Byng

Chandler’s father divorced her mother when she was caught cheating. We came to know about this when they went to LA to invite her for their wedding.

However, Kathleen was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, which completely changed her body when she was young.

Kathleen Turner - Charles Byng

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