2S is related to Indian Railways in more than one way. Ever wondered about booking a 2S seat in train? or What is 2s coach in train reservation? In this article, we will talk about the 2S seats information you should be aware of. Before starting your IRCTC train reservation, go through our article to know everything about 2S in train.

As we all know there are different types of seats on Indian trains. The coaches range from sleepers to AC coaches. The amenities and prices vary according to the seat type and reservation.

What is 2S seat in train?

The second seating or second seater in train seats for passengers on Indian Railways refers to 2S. The seats are available in the form of benches. Passengers cannot sleep in these coaches as there are no berths available. It only has a sitting arrangement. The seats in the 2S class can be joined together or separated a little.

The layout of the majority of the 2S seating area is 3*3. 3 consecutive seats are present on each side. There are also some exceptions where the layout is 3*2. Many train passengers reserve a 2S seat as this class is in the reserved section.

Take a look at 2S seat map

One thing to keep in mind is that 2S Ticket Booking AC Chair Car is not the same as a 2S seat. Though the trains also have air conditioners, passengers will not receive air conditioners from 2S. However, there are some additional fundamental amenities you will be receiving while traveling in the 2S class.

So, the 2S class is different from the general coaches. If your budget is low and you are traveling for 5 to 6 hours then a 2S seat in train will be a good option for you. if the budget is low. If you are traveling a long distance you should opt for another class.

In Indian trains, the second sitting class, the 2S seat in train is the lowest reserved class.

What is 2S in train booking?

2S is also referred to as a two-stage booking. It is a popular booking method for train travel in India. Passengers can reserve their tickets in advance with this type of 2S ticket booking but can also choose to buy tickets on the day of travel. Through this 2S method, you can not only secure your seat but can also save money by getting the tickets in advance. If you need to make a large number of train bookings, 2S will be a favorable option.

Are 2S and general seating the same?

Even though both the seats in some trains may appear to be the same, there is still a difference between 2S and general seating.

  • In a train, the second seating, the 2S seat is reserved for a particular class, whereas the general seating is unreserved.
  • For example, when you purchase a general ticket, you do not receive a seat number and you can sit anywhere in the general coaches.
  • But a 2S seat in train is reserved and you will be assigned a specific seat number.

2S seat is best for middle-class people to travel short distances.

What is the fare of the 2S train class?

The 2S seating has the lowest prices among the reserved coaches. For example, if a sleeper ticket costs around INR 300, for a particular distance, the fare for 2S seats will be around INR 170 per ticket. You can book your 2S seat in train online where you can check the ticket fare from any online ticketing platform.

So, if you want to opt for a short and budget trip but do not want to buy a general ticket. The best option would be to get a reserved ticket of a 2S seat in train.


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