46 Blouse Designs That Every Woman Would Love To Have In Her Wardrobe


    46 Blouse Designs That Every Woman Would Love To Have In Her Wardrobe Saree, the ultimate Indian outfit infused with elegance, grace and hotness, all in one go! Sometimes it is the saree that steals the show and sometimes it is the blouse. A perfectly fitted and well crafted blouse can add the right kind of style and glamor to even a simple chiffon saree. There are many blouse designs which can compliment your sarees and make you look beautiful and trendy. I won’t take much of your time and get straight to the point! If you chose to read this article, chances are you are looking for the answer.

    So, if you want to see the most popular blouse designs, I have compiled a complete list.

    1. Basic Round Neck Blouse

    This is the most common style that goes with any type of saree and any type of draping style.

    Basic Round Neck Blouse Design

    2. Square Neck Blouse

    This is perfect if you want to show off your collar bones and add a little bit of twist to the blouse.

    blouse designs
    wedding strings

    3. Deep V Neck Blouse

    For some, scratch that, ‘lots of’ oomph, go for this design. Best suited on women with slim builds.

    deep v neck blouse

    4. Halter Neck Blouse

    Synonymous with style and elegance, this type of blouse goes best with sarees made of light fabric.

    halter neck blouse

    5. Sweetheart Neck Blouse

    As the name suggests, this is a beautiful design which adds a little ‘pretty-young-girl-feel’ to it and suits all types of sarees and veils.

    Sweetheart Neck Blouse

    6. Boat Neck Blouse

    Another one to show off those beautiful collar bones, this design oozes all kinds of elegance!

    boat neck blouse

    7. Strappy Blouse

    The whole blouse backed by delicate looking straps has a personality of hotness!

    trendy blouse designs

    8. Criss-Cross Patterned Front Blouse

    This beautiful design is daring and is definitely not for those who are wary of carrying such a look.

    Criss-Cross Patterned Front Blouse
    fame fizz

    9. Basic Off Shoulder Blouse

    This style adds glamor to the entire outfit and looks beautiful with any fabric, pattern and/or drape.

    off shoulder blouse designs

    10. Off-Shoulder With Ruffles Blouse

    Giving another twist, this blouse gives a youthful feel with the ruffles near the sleeves.

    Off-shoulder with ruffles blouse

    11. Bell Sleeve Blouse

    Keeping in mind the current trend of bell sleeves, this style is chic and alluring. One advice though, if you go for it, keep the rest of the blouse size minimal, making the midriff more visible.

    bell sleeves blouse

    12. Embroidered Blouse

    In short, an embroidered blouse has been an evergreen choice for decades, adding to the elegance and beauty. Goes well with practically all body types, all occasions and all seasons. Team a heavily embroidered blouse with a plain saree for a complete contrast combination!

    Embroidered Blouse Design

    13. High Neck Blouse

    Like an off-gala, it exudes elegance and royalty. Team it up with any type of work or fabric for a classy look.

    Types of Blouse Designs in India - High Neck Blouse

    14. Shirt-Style Blouse

    Smart and trendy, this style is meant to keep up with the latest craze. From shirt style dress to shirt style blouse, fashion has come a long way!

    shirt-style blouse

    15. Cape Style Blouse

    After the cape-style top/dress, make way for the cape-style blouse! Uber chic and totally in with the current trend, these blouses are here to stay!

    cape style blouse

    16. Ruffled Blouse

    Different types of ruffled style sleeves can be made depending on the type of blouse. You can also wear short-ruffled sleeves or three quarters or full sleeves with ruffles.

    ruffled blouse

    17. Heavy Mirror Work Blouse

    My personal favorite, add a ton of glam to your outfit by pairing a simple georgette/chiffon saree with a heavy-duty mirror work blouse for the ultimate drop-dead-gorgeous look!

    heavy mirror work blouse

    18. Heavy Neckline Blouse

    Skip those necklaces and go for a glam look in a glam blouse with a jeweled neckline. If needed, team it up with long tasseled earrings to complete the look.

    Heavy Neckline Blouse Design

    19. Side Tie-Up Blouse

    Indulge in a different kind of tie-up/knotting with this side tied style. It looks chic, stylish and alluring, it can be paired with any type of dress/drape!

    side tie-up blouse

    20. Puff Sleeve Blouse

    Play with the sleeves a bit and opt for puffy sleeves instead of the usual sleeves for a change. These sleeves give a youthful look to the entire garment.

    puff sleeve blouse

    21. Pendant Sleeve Blouse

    Tassels are a great way to add a twist to a blouse, lending it more than just fabric and work on it.

    Tasseled Sleeve Blouse

    22. Full Sleeves and Off Shoulder Blouse

    If you are getting ready for a winter wedding, this is the right choice! Just the right amount of skin-show for a glitzy occasion while shielding you from the cold! It also looks good in summers, but mostly if you have sleeves made of lightweight fabric.

    Full sleeves and off shoulder blouse

    23. Strapless Blouse

    One of the most popular among the younger generation. Best suits women with slim built and gives the perfect oomph factor to the look!

    Kiara Advani in a lehenga
    Kiara Advani/Instagram

    24. Embellished Sleeve Blouse

    This style of blouse usually has less work on the chest and back and most of the attention is given on the sleeves. They only have sleeve work like embroidery, sequins, mirror or any other.

    embellished sleeves blouse
    studio east6

    25. One Shoulder Blouse

    Uber chic, one-shoulder blouses are subtle yet sexy. Team it with a light fabric saree for that alluring look!

    one shoulder blouse

    26. Sheer Blouse

    It has been in vogue for almost a decade and continues to this day! Sheer at the back, sleeveless or neckline, sheer blouses are the perfect combination of ‘elegant and sexy’!

    sheer blouse designs for women

    27. Chinese Collar Style Blouse

    Add a little twist to your blouse collection with a Chinese collared saree blouse for a totally daring look, let’s face it, not many people can afford it!

    latest blouse designs

    28. A Belt Style With Blouse

    These look quite trendy and can give a ‘designer’ look to an otherwise minimally designed blouse.

    a belt style with blouse
    wedding script

    29. Belt Style Blouse

    Another trend, which is most commonly seen on Shilpa Shetty, is an embellished belt between the saree and the blouse in this style. It gives a plethora of grace and elegance to the whole outfit.

    belt style blouse

    30. Deep Back Blouse

    Sensual and stylish, deep backs have been a staple for many women ever since they started wearing sarees. A deep U or V cut is the perfect way to style your blouse on an otherwise overlooked back.

    Deep Back Blouse Design

    31. Backless Blouse

    Important! Go completely backless for an exquisite design and look like a goddess!! Backless blouses go well with any type of fabric, pattern and design.

    backless blouse

    32. Knotted Back Blouse

    One of the very popular designs of all time, it suits all ages and body types.

    not back blouse

    33. Butterfly Back Blouse

    A current fad, this design features a butterfly design at the back. It looks stylish, pretty and ultra-chic. Since butterflies are beautiful creatures, it is understandable that their design will only add more beauty to your outfit.

    butterfly back blouse

    34. Beaded Blouse

    Adding glamor to your blouse, these pearls transform the entire look of a simple blouse. The beads can be added at the front and paired with a light saree or at the back for a glam-to-the-core avatar!

    Beaded Blouse Designs

    35. Cut-Back Style Blouse

    The cuts on the back of the blouse give it a sexy look and it becomes more sensual as the size of the cut increases! The cuts can be in any shape like square, circle, oval, inverted U or V and various other shapes.

    cut-back style blouse

    36. Dori Style Blouse

    Goes with all types of sarees, ages, body types and clothing. You can choose to have the doris on only one end or both. This style is never too trendy and is the ultimate on the hotness quotient!

    Dori Style Blouse

    37. Button Down Back Blouse

    Turn a simple back into a stunning piece of complications, with beautiful buttons running straight from your neck to your back!

    button down back blouse

    38. Criss-Cross Back Blouse

    Another popular design to make the back stylish is to add doris and run them at the ends.

    criss-cross back blouse

    39. Designer-Back Blouse

    With minimal use of blouse fabric, in this type of blouse you mainly design your blouse with lace, beads, jewelry and/or motifs. The result is sexy as hell!

    Designer-Back Blouse Designs

    40. Peplum Blouse

    Very in vogue these days, peplum style blouses are chic, alluring and one of the most stylish designs! Suits women with thin texture and is most preferred by those who are a little daring in styling themselves.

    designer blouse online

    41. Jhumki Embellished Blouse

    It is no longer a bridal blouse as even non-brides are opting for this style these days! The back of the jhumki-styled blouse is adorned with tiny jhumkis that give it a beautifully ethnic look, while also keeping it high on the style-quotient!

    Jhumki Embellished Blouse
    hannington brothers

    42. Collar Style Blouse

    Slightly different from shirt-style blouses, collared blouses do not need to have buttons below the collar like a shirt.

    collar design blouse
    Geetanjali Fashions

    43. Velvet Blouse

    Synonymous with glamour, this fabric falls into the category of ‘winter-only’! Women are no longer worried about the weather, and with almost all occasions being conducted in air-conditioned surroundings, velvet blouses can be the ultimate glam-adding item in your ethnic wardrobe.

    Velvet Blouse Design

    44. Jacket Style Blouse

    Jackets, like waistcoats, are the hallmark of elegance! Team a subtle yet prominent jacket style blouse with an embellished/embroidered/printed jacket style blouse or two with a heavy saree for a gorgeous look.

    jacket style blouse

    45. Multi-strap Back Blouse

    Add oomph and style to your look with a blouse where the back is made up of three or more straps. You can even add pendants to give it a sexy avatar!

    Multiple Strapped Back Blouse

    46. ​​Tasseled Front Blouse

    Closing the list with the current rage, tassels added to the front of the blouse (in some cases, at the back too) add sheer glam to the blouse. Team it with a light saree while highlighting the blouse as the main highlight!

    Best Blouse Design
    times of India

    These are some of the most happening styles currently, however, the list seems to be limitless, with new designs coming out every now and then, as women are getting bolder and bolder as far as dressing is concerned. And when it comes to saree, we all know how to experiment with a blouse to get the perfect look. So, ladies, design and turn those ends!


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