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51 Best Punjabi Songs That Will Make You Groove


Music is one thing that puts everyone’s heart at ease. However, we are going to put out that Punjabi songs are the best ones. Whether you want to dance your heart out, listen to something soulful, or romantic Punjabi songs have it all. While every song is amazing in its way there is something way too addictive about the Punjabi ones.

If you love its music, its lyrics, and its beat then we have a little gift for you. For all Punjabi song lovers, we have curated a list of the best Punjabi songs that everyone should listen to.

To perform at a wedding or to listen to songs you’re sitting alone in the car these songs can be your best friends. Check out the whole list:

1. Chann Sitare

Chann Sitare is the latest romantic track sung by none other than Ammy Virk. It is from the film Oye Makhna. This 2022 hit Punjabi song has over 75 million views on YouTube.

2. Pasoori

Coke Studio once again came up with a super addictive new Punjabi song. Yes, we are talking about none other than Pasoori, by Ali Sethi. Over the past 10 months, this song managed to accumulate 488 million views on YouTube.

3. Jhaanjar

The next song on the list of Punjabi songs is Jhaanjar. It is from a film called Honeymoon starring Gippy Grewal and Jasmin Bhasin. It is sung by none other than B Praak and has over 35 million views on YouTube.

4. 295

The King of Punjabi songs Sidhu Moose Wala is no more. Nonetheless, he and his songs are still alive in our hearts. His song, 295 is still everyone’s favorite. It has over 370 million views on YouTube.

5. Titliaan

Titliaan by Hardy Sandhu is one of those top Punjabi songs that gained massive popularity and is still growing every day. This song features the beautiful duo of Sargun Mehta and Afsana Khan. This song has over 850 million views on YouTube.

6. Pani Di Gal

Pani Di Gal is a song that is full of expressions, feelings, emotions, drama, perfect storyline. In this Punjabi sad song, Asees Kaur and Maninder Buttar create a magic that is never seen before. This song has over 333 million views on YouTube.

7. The Last Ride

Out of all the best Punjabi songs of all time, The Last Ride by Sidhu Moose Wala has something special about it. This song made him go viral in no time. This song has 180+ million views on YouTube.

8. Born To Shine

Born to Shine is a very popular Punjabi song from Diljit’s album, G.O.A.T. It is safe to say that this turban guy owns the heart of plenty around the globe. Furthermore, talking about its view, Born to Shine has over 200 million views on YouTube.

9. Kudiye Ni

The next song on our list of best Punjabi songs is Aparshakti Khurana and Neeti Mohan’s single, Kudiye Ni. This beautiful Punjabi song was released back in 2019 and has over 24 million views on YouTube.

10. Mitti De Tibbe

No guns, no drinks, no show-off. Mitti De Tibbe by KAKA is just a simple soulful song that will give you peace. Check out this song if you have not yet. In just a span of 5 months, Mitti De Tibbe has over 100 million views on YouTube.

11. 3 Peg

3 Peg is one of the best Punjabi songs that are perfect for parties. The credit for this song goes to Sharry Mann. Furthermore, this song has over 750 million views on YouTube.

12. Backbone

Backbone is one of the best romantic Punjabi songs that no one should miss out on. The credits for this song go to Hardy Sandhu and B Praak. Furthermore, this song has over 550 million views on YouTube.

13. Sakhiyaan

Sakhiyaan by Maninder Buttar is a painful yet super beautiful Punjabi song. This is one of those songs to which many lovers can relate. Furthermore, this song has over 565 million views on YouTube.

14. Lamberghini

Lamberghini by The Doorbeen and Ragini is another super fun Punjabi song. It has been 4 years since the song came out and now it has over 500 million views on YouTube.

15. Calaboose

The next Sidhu Moose Wala song that is making it to our list of best Punjabi songs is Calaboose. This is another classic song by him that has over 100 million views on YouTube.

16. Viah Di Khabar

Another KAKA song that made it to our list is Viah Di Khabar. The video of this song is plain beautiful. Furthermore, this song has over 100 million views on YouTube.

17. Top Notch Gabru

Top Notch Ghabru is indeed a top-notch Punjabi song. The dhol vibes in this song are beyond praiseworthy and super enjoyable. Furthermore, talking about its view, the song has over 70 million views on YouTube.

18. Naah

Naah by Hardy Sandhu is a super groovy song. If you are looking for a Punjabi song that you can dance to for hours then do go for this one. Furthermore, the views of this song on YouTube are over 550 million.

19. Moonlight

True Punjabi song lovers keep on listening to Moonlight by Harnoon on repeat. It is indeed worth listening to, over and over again. Do check it out if you have not yet.

20. Dope Shope

It has been 11 years but this iconic song by Honey Singh is indeed one of those popular Punjabi songs that everyone should listen to. Furthermore, it has over 165 million views on YouTube.



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