7 reality show contestants who disappeared after two minutes of fame


Reality shows seem like an easy shot to success, although the success that comes through these shows is often short-lived. There are many celebrities who opted out of Indian reality shows but their fame has often sunk into oblivion.

While reality shows have given us stars like Sonu Nigam, Arijit Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal, they fail to do much else. Here is a list of celebrities who enjoyed their brief moment of fame through reality shows.

1. Ashutosh Kaushik

ashutosh kaushik live roadies season 5 Back in 2007 and again achieved the winner’s trophy bigg boss season 2 In the very next year. Despite back-to-back victories, he was not able to maintain a permanent place in the showbiz industry. Kaushik disappeared from the industry after 2016.

Ashutosh Kaushik Roadies
Ashutosh Kaushik/Facebook

2. Isha Sharvani

Isha Sharvani was seen opposite Vivek Oberoi kiss, she got ultimate fame when she was seen show a glimpse as a competitor. Her dance style and immaculate beauty caught the attention of many during her tenure. Despite popularity, he never made it big in Bollywood with only a few appearances.

isha sharvani hot photos

3. Manveer Gurjar

bigg boss 10 The winner Manveer Gurjar was one of the most loved commoners of the show. during the tenure of bigg boss 10, he was very much liked by the audience. After the show, her fame vanished in the air with only a few social media videos. he continued to appear in Bigg Boss As a guest after the 11th season.

Manveer Gurjar
Manveer Maharaj Singh/Instagram

4. Abhijit Sawant

Indian Idol whistleblower and winner of the first season, Abhijit Sawant was loved by the audience for his childlike smile and brilliant singing skills. Despite being the complete package, the singer failed to make a mark in Bollywood or the music industry. Recently, he again came into limelight for his explosive revelations. Indian idol the creator

Abhijit Sawanti
Abhijit Sawant/Instagram

5. Ilesh Parujanwala

after winning swayamvar of rakhi The reality show and Rakhi Sawant’s fiancé Ilesh Parujanwala were the subject of much discussion during the show. However, Rakhi refused to marry him after the show, due to which he disappeared from the showbiz industry.

Ilesh Parujanwala and Rakhi Sawanti
Bollywood Life

6. Bandgi Kalra

Fair skinned, beautiful Bandagi Kalra was in news when she appeared as a common contestant bigg boss 11. Her affair with another contestant, Puneesh Sharma, further increased her popularity. But as soon as he left the house everything was over.

bandgi kalra
Bandgi Kalra/Instagram

7. Qazi Tauqeer

Qazi Tauqeer won the first and only season of fame gurukuli. he was also part of tiger is alive popular songs afghan jalebi in 2015. You will be surprised to know that he even beat his co-contestant Arijit Singh, who is now a leading playback singer. After many years, Qazi Tauqeer is missing from the industry while another contestant with back to back hits remains a permanent place in the hearts of the people.

qazi tauqir
Qazi Tauqeer/Instagram


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