7 talented young actors who didn’t get the limelight they deserved in Bollywood


There is no doubt that young talents make a huge impact, even if their roles are small, when it comes to films, series etc. Sometimes the young actor is the main character of the whole story and needless to say they do it brilliantly when it comes to it. audience preference.

But not everyone gets a good shot on the big screen. The chance to portray his full talent is always missed and leapfrogged into the void, missing out on the core audience for his performances.

Here is a list of young actors who did not get the limelight they deserve:

1. Ritwik Sahore

Rithvik is known for his lead role in the web series, the flames. Since then he has been the crush of many girls. But before this, Rithvik has also worked in some films like, ferrari ride riot, e.t.c. He also appeared in a series called, awkward conversation with parents, which was based on conversations that Kishor used to bunk. It also performed very well in the eyes of teens and some cool parents. Despite her amazing acting skills and not to mention her very attractive looks, her acting career is yet to go very well. He is mostly seen in web-series.

Rithvik Sahore
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2. Siddhartha Nigam

Despite being an absolutely amazing actor, Sid is also known for his gymnastics skills. Where he won the gold medal for this. Siddharth is working as an actor since 2011. Her first job was in a Bournvita advertisement that made her Dhoom 4 The director called him to audition for the role of young Sabir.

For quite some time he appeared in a TV series named, Aladdin – you must have heard the name With Avneet Kaur. Now he is seen in TV serials as Shivaay.

Siddharth Nigam
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3. Rohan Shah

You will be lying if you say that you haven’t seen any of Rohan’s videos on Filtercopy and you never thought that he is with Apoorva Arora in real life too. Well, it’s a really good pair, mind you. Rohan is an unmistakable catch, his acting skills, looks, demeanor everything about him is perfect.

He has appeared in many web series, some of the prominent ones are, Fairy Lights, First of all, Class of 2017, e.t.c. he has also appeared Krrish 3.

With so much love from so many people and having a huge fan following, sadly she hasn’t done well in the Bollywood industry yet.

Rohan Shah

4. Vishal Jethwa

Vishal is a very popular artist in the television industry mostly for his work in TV series. When it comes to Bollywood his remarkable work is only in film. Mardaani 2, playing the role of the villain. In the TV series, he played roles in India’s brave son – Maharana Pratap, patki of lovee.t.c. Now Vishal is mostly seen on TV serials and Instagram reels.

Vishal Jethwa
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5. Mayur More

Mayur got fame when the famous web series, quota factory was issued. He played the character named Vaibhav Patel. He also acted in films like Laxmi Bomb, Umrika, And so on. Even after that, he was seen in many other web series like girlfriend thief on MX Player.

Mayur More Kota Factory

6. Vishesh Bansal

Famous from Harshu this is my family Apparently this is on the list, sadly. Perhaps one of the youngest actors of them all is special. He did very well for OTT platforms in the web series industry but did not do well in Bollywood. He is now playing a part in the series like Asura. Not only this, he was also seen in Madari, Bombay Talkies, e.t.c.

This child artist started his career by stepping into the television industry at a very young age.

Vishesh Bansal

7. Ali Hajik

remember baby from movies like this Fanna, Ta Ra Rum Pu, e.t.c? Yep, guess right, that’s Ali. He was one of the promising child actors to play a child in films like that. Although he didn’t really show much after him, right now his main focus is apparently on being a director. Ali is now slowly getting back behind the camera to rediscover his amazing acting skills.

After his performance as a child artist in films companion, fanna, ta ra rum pu, e.t.c. Ali became an all-time favorite for the audience. However, after securing roles in several films, the actor could not make his way into the industry as an actor. And now focusing on being a director for various short films and music videos, Ali is now trying to make a career in the industry.

Child artist Ali Hajik


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