8 lowest rated Indian bands that deserve the limelight


We all secretly seek out bands and artists who will keep us hooked. Discovering new songs and getting obsessed with them is an everyday thing. But do we ever think of lesser artists and bands? Do we even know their names? Do we know how beautiful his music really is? If your answer is “no” to most of the questions asked above. Stay tuned, this post is about him!

Despite the growth in the Indian music industry, some bands don’t really get the space they deserve. Mostly because Indians prefer pop over any other style. Don’t worry the list also includes pop bands! Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

List of some of the lowest rated Indian bands:

1. Local Train

Undoubtedly one of the lowest rated rock bands in India is The Local Train. Although it had many commercial successes, most people would have heard its name for the first time. The song, “Choo Loon”, has a different fan base. But, one good thing is that the end of this band for concerts is a major thing in India.

Indian Band The Local Train

2. Jab Chai Met Toast

This band is an indie-pop band for pop lovers. The band debuted in 2014, but was officially formed in 2016. The unique thing about this band is that they call their style “happy”, honestly that’s what people become when they listen to their songs. The whole music, the visuals, the lyrics, just make people happy. One of my favorites from this band is “Beautiful World”. You will miss out on a masterpiece if you don’t take it seriously.

Indian music band Jab Chai met Toast

3. Cifar

This band was formed in 2008. Surprisingly, he was also signed to Universal Music. But, sadly, this is happening for the first time, few people would know his name. Better late though. This band is an award winning band from Mumbai?Delhi. Also one of his favorite fans is “Vajod”, oh and you want to know my personal favorite? I know you’re curious, it’s “Arman”.

Underrated Indian Bands Cifar

4. unworthy

Quite contrary to what its name says, Nayak makes the list. Chandigarh based band is an indie-rock band. His live performance got huge publicity! “Sach Ka Dar” is one of my favorite songs from this band, everything from the beats to the lyrics is perfect. I promise

Indian Band Nalayak

5. Dream Note

It is an indie-pop-rock music band. It was formed in 2014 by Gaurav Tiwari and Sachin Singh. According to his fans, which includes me. We like to call this band “our best kept secret.” This band is the best when it comes to music. To be honest, I didn’t want to reveal his name, as he was my favorite secret. But, they honestly deserve the spotlight and I am sure they will get there soon.

Indian Rock Bands Dream Note

6. Easy Wandering

This band is an independent band from Pune. Apparently formed back in 2015 with eight members. His main styles are soul, pop and folk. Although they are overlooked by some Indian audiences, they performed at VH1 Supersonic 2018, led by Major Lazer, Marshmallow! Plus, speaking of marshmallows, want to know a fun fact about EW? He hid his identity before releasing his first album. Plus, if you haven’t, you should check out “Dream to Keep Us Going” cause, duh, it’s my favorite. You’ll love it, Pinky Promise.

Best Indian Band Easy Wanderling

7. Swastika Bando

Yet another rock-band based in Chandigarh that is influenced by Indian classical and rock and creates a new landscape. The band is strangely underrated and it split in 2014. This still hasn’t stopped him from becoming a sensation among a small group of fans, count me too. Also, listening to “Jogi” and “The Dark City” will bless your eyes, you know?

Famous Indian Band Swastik The Bando

8. Try

The band is a Mumbai based Hindi rock band, which has been making music since 2006. Making rock music isn’t everyone’s “cuppa tea”. But trust me on this one, they do full justice to the genre with their production. His first music was released through Universal Music India and currently he is working on a box set. “Bhula do unhe” will really make you say “rehne do” if people don’t like his songs. See what I did there? Hey hey.

popular indian band try

Well, the list ends here, but that doesn’t mean that all the other bands are super appreciated and they are all in the limelight. If you are anyone like me, I know, it is your habit to find bands with low ratings and keep them as your secret. But imagine the band you discovered as a kid, the publicity they deserved. How beautiful would that be, wouldn’t it? Appreciate and share the band with low rating, let’s listen to some good songs together.


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