8 Times Men Have Cancelled Their Weddings For Stupid Reasons


8 Times Men Have Cancelled Their Weddings For Stupid Reasons From the start, females are always directly or indirectly ridiculed in every culture. And internet generation took this ridicule culture to another level for committing a heinous crime such as requesting that her. People referred to the woman as a “drama queen” if she wanted to dominate herself in the men’s world. People referred to the woman as a “gold digger” if she wants to marry a rich and well-qualified man.

Times Men Have Cancelled Their Weddings For Stupid Reasons In India, a woman who sincerely believes in the superficial, skewed gender stereotypes has to live a relatively easier life than the rest of us. But she has no idea that she ultimately became a member of a culture that encourages sexism.

But why don’t we refer to certain guys as “drama kings” or “gold diggers”? It’s not like they don’t know how to throw tantrums or don’t do gold-digging in the name of dowry. So, to put into perspective what “drama” truly means and what occurs when it turns into an offence, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why men have cancelled marriages for weird reasons.

1. Men Have Cancelled Their Weddings  Let’s begin with the “old favourites”. This is only one incidence out of hundreds, or maybe in millions, that have occurred throughout the years.

Groom calls off wedding for want of more dowry
The Times Of India

2. It’s “supernormal” according to the large section of society.

Man calls off wedding because demonetisation killed his dowry plans
India Times

3. As they send their precious daughter to live with him, how can they not “gift” him a BMW and 50 lakh cash?

Denied fancy car and cash family calls off wedding
The Times Of India

4. The bride’s side is entirely to blame! Are they unaware that meat consumption is beneficial to one’s health? Poor health-conscious groom!

Groom refuses to marry after seeing only vegetarian dishes being served at wedding

5. Men Have Cancelled Their Weddings  Even after spending crores of rupees, this problem cannot be fixed. Sad life!

UP man refused to marry as bride spent too much time on whatsapp

6. He seemed to realize that he would die if he does not eat mutton curry, but he also does not want to live single. That is why he marries someone else.

Odisha Groom Calls Off Wedding After No Mutton Curry on Menu, Marries Another Woman
News 18

7. If that’s the case, you really should tie the knot with a saree.

Bridegroom’s family cancels wedding over bride's poor saree quality in Karnataka
The Indian Express

8. Men Have Cancelled Their Weddings  Groom was like, “Is she dead? OK! finish! TaTa! Bye! Bye!”

After Bride Collapses During Rituals Groom Runs Away From Wedding Venue

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