9 Bollywood actresses whose talent was completely wasted in these films


It is true that there is no dearth of talented actors in Bollywood. But what matters more is how they are treated. Some examples show that Bollywood should put more emphasis on casting talented female actresses. They deserve more screen time as well as not being pushed into the side-line of a movie. To make full use of his experience of acting in original stories and give him well developed characters.

Here are examples of talented Bollywood actresses who deserve more:

1. Tabu (Golmaal Again)

Even for such a poorly written role, he did a good job in the film Golmaal Again. He used his talent more and carried the character even when it was not possible. It is not right to take his talent so lightly. Tabu can play any character very well.

Tabu Golmaal Again

2. Rajshree Deshpande (the sky is pink)

in film the sky is pink Rajshri was given a small role (Anita Tandon) and very little screen time. He impressed people with his acting in films like S Durgahandjob angry indian ladies and sacred games. It was supposed to be a cameo, yet it should be done with more good crafting ideas.

Rajshree Deshpande The Sky Is Pink

3. Sheeba Chaddha (Shakuntala Devi)

Brilliant actress Sheeba Chadha doesn’t get much attention Shakuntala Devi. It seems filmmakers rarely give him any dialogue or screen time. He deserves more especially in mainstream films.

The best part about him is that he doesn’t need more than one cadre to express his acting. His work always leaves a long lasting and wonderful impact on people.

Sheeba Chadha Shakuntala Devi

4. Supriya Pathak (the big bull)

Being one of the most talented actresses in the Bollywood industry, Supriya Pathak is full of passion for acting. No matter the character she portrays, she flourishes in every character. Supriya rose to fame for her role as Hansa kichidi. He is also famous for his role in Ram Leela and a memorable performance in love per square foot.

but in the movie the big bull He has barely more than 3 scenes with less dialogues which is not fair. She deserves more screen time.

Supriya Pathak The Big Bull

5. Shefali Shah (love)

Shefali Shah is an amazing actress who speaks a lot with her expression. One can easily connect with the character played by him. Yet she has always been sidelined and there is no denying the fact that she deserves more screen time.

Shefali Shah Mohabbatein

6. Seema Pahwa (Mars heavy on the sun)

Seema Pahwa has done some great movies like Bareilly Ki Barfi and good luck beware. She set a great example and character of “Desi Mom” ​​in Bollywood industries. She also brought a freshness and positive energy to her character and this is also liked by the people.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are as an actor but if you are graded then a talent becomes useless and same happened with Seema Mars heavy on the sun. She played only a small role and the audience wanted to see more of her.

Seema Pahwa Sun is heavy on Mars
Zee Studio/YouTube

7. Tisca Chopra (good news)

Despite knowing the fact that Tisca is a talented actress and still she didn’t get any dialogues and screen time in the film good newwJade This kind of unfair miss casting has now become a norm.

Tisca Chopra Good News (1)
Bollywood uproar

8. Ayesha Raza and Ashwini Kalsekar (Lakshmi)

the fact that in Lakshmi Most of the talented actors – the star-cast was useless. The way Bollywood treated Ayesha Raza and Ashwini Kaleskar is quite unfortunate. Someone who can play every role they are cast in, talent is wasted.

Ayesha Raza and Ashwini Kalsekar Lakshmi

9. Tilottama Shome (Hindi Medium and English Medium)

A mainstream film with such a strong story fails to write a good character for Tillotama Shome. Although he did a great job in the best films including his first film Monsoon Wedding, Qissa and Sir.

Tilottama Shome Hindi Medium and English Medium


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