Blackpink revealed spoilers for Born Pink 4 times.


Blackpink revealed spoilers On August 19, Pink Venom, the much-anticipated lead single from BLACKPINK’s September album Born Pink, is available. BLACKPINK is the biggest K-pop girl group in the world.

Blackpink revealed spoilersThe song has now shattered numerous records, becoming the third-largest 24-hour music video debut of all time on YouTube and the biggest 24-hour premiere music video of 2022. The song peaked at number two on Spotify’s Top Songs Global Weekly Chart for the week ending August 26 and was the highest-ranking K-pop song.

Pink Venom’s music videos from the past are frequently referred to, which gives fans a sense of strength and nostalgia (BLINKs). It is all the more spectacular because the YG Entertainment-led band has been anticipating showcasing their brand-new Born Pink music for a very long time.

How You Like That has released a number of spoilers to raise interest in their future music due to the lengthy delay since the release of their previous album.

Check out the four occasions BLACKPINK revealed Born Pink spoilers to learn whether or not fans caught the members’ hints.

1) In a V LIVE, Lisa claimed that Rosé was “born to be BLACKPINK.”

On July 6, 2022, Rosé and Lisa, the two members born in 1997, conducted a surprise V LIVE broadcast where they discussed Lisa’s passion of Stranger Things, made some food, and revealed a spoiler for their future album.

The girls were talking about a dream that Rosé’s mother had about two black pigs during her conception, which is thought to foretell the future personality of the pregnant kid. The Gone singer was astonished when Lisa said that Rosé was “born to be BLACKPINK” and requested Lisa to clarify.

Fans were shocked to learn about this surprise when the group’s subsequent album, Born Pink, was made public.

2) Jennie’s posting of a photo while sporting a snake head decoration

Snakes and, thus, venom are mentioned in the Pink Venom teaser and music video, which anybody can see. It might have been BLACKPINK’s way of proving to the doubters that their strength does not reduce due to their attractiveness, much as even pretty pink snakes can be lethal and venomous.

Jennie shared a photo of herself on social media wearing a snake-shaped headpiece made of gold. As if that weren’t enough, her friend, Canadian model Tavia Bonetti, also shared a photo of Solo singer caressing a snake on her Instagram story.

Fans expressed their amazement at how the singer consistently keeps them on their toes when they understood that the snakes and even the image of the black cat that Jennie shared were references to Pink Venom.

Jisoo is seen playing the Korean instrument Geomungo at the beginning of the Pink Venom song video while sporting attire that appears to be a nod to the hanbok. It also happens to be one of the video’s most recognisable and unforgettable moments.

In a performance called Show You Like That that was broadcast to Globe’s Kmmunity PH Facebook Group, Jisoo had, it turns out, alluded at the scene. After dropping the bombshell, BLACKPINK was teasingly shushed by Jennie, suggesting that she may have been aware of the impact the opening shot would have.

4) When Lisa revealed the choreography just before the debut of Pink Venom

In the song’s Countdown Live, the MONEY vocalist and her band mates alternated giving hints regarding the Pink Venom music video. These hints included Jennie’s birdcage, Jisoo mentioning a VR system, and Rosé commenting on how well-done the song’s rap verses were.

The biggest spoiler, though, came from Lisa, who displayed charming facial expression while performing a section of the song’s major dance, drawing compliments from the other members of BLACKPINK.