CEO and COO of Pornhub Parent Company resign.


Pornhub Parent Company resign,  Feras Antoon, the CEO of MindGeek, the online company most known for running Pornhub, and David Tassillo, the COO, both announced their resignations.
Pornhub Parent Company resign In a statement made to Variety, a representative of the company stated, “Antoon and Tassillo leave MindGeek’s day to day operations following nearly a decade of management positions at the company. The company is strategically placed for growth over time MindGeek’s executive leadership team will oversee day-to day operations in an interim manner, while a search is in progress to find successors.” The rep also said that the transition to the new leadership is in the planning stages since the beginning of 2022. Antoon and Tassillo remain shareholders in MindGeek.
The news of the departure of MindGeek’s top two executives comes just a few days following The New Yorker published an 8,000-word investigation piece on the company.

According to the report, Pornhub has hosted sexually explicit and non-consensual videos which include children — for many years. MindGeek’s guidelines state that the videos that are hosted on the site are scrutinized to ensure they do not contain minors, and to ensure that the videos were released with the permission of the persons who are featured in the videos. However it was reported that the New Yorker interviewed several women who found videos and photos from themselves posted on Pornhub that they didn’t accept sharing and had to wait for months to convince the site to take down the content.

According to MindGeek that the company doesn’t publish content without passing it through automated and human moderation. Furthermore, if users report a video to MindGeek and it is blocked until the review process is completed according to MindGeek. By 2020 MindGeek required users to submit an authenticated ID, a government-issued ID for uploading content.

MindGeek employs around 1,600 employees, has its headquarters as Luxembourg however its main office is located in Montreal. The website of the company outlines its mission as “To provide a top-quality portfolio of experiences in entertainment along with IT services to an international client base, using our experience to create forward with innovation and create new solutions that exceed customer expectations.”

According to MindGeek that it is in the process of deciding to “invest heavily in the expansion of creator-first products” and also to explore additional “opportunities to monetize content.” The company claims it has various models “with the chance to earn money” and hopes to “massively increase” the pool of talent they work with.

Pornhub together with other MindGeek-owned platforms, such as YouPorn have a total of 150 million users per day according to the company.