Does Blackpink know about their ships with BTS?


Does Blackpink know about Before you start throwing stones outside my house, let me issue a disclaimer.” The article’s points are just theories/opinions that do not confirm or verify any real facts. Before developing an opinion, please read the article entirely and attentively. Thank you very much.” I’m a casual lover of K-pop’s BTS as well as Blackpink music who only expresses my views after giving it some thought.

Does Blackpink know about I discovered K-pop a few years ago and fell in love with this lovely, welcoming community. However, I quickly realised that K-pop artists are incredibly private people who avoid discussing their personal life. I quickly realised it wasn’t about privacy at all; it was about appeasing fans and maintaining the ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ persona toward them. I’m all for privacy, however, I quickly realised that selling an idol as your ideal type’ is a dangerous thing, especially inside a fandom with so many young and impressionable admirers.

‘Lizkook,’ aka BLACKPINK’s maknae Lisa and BTS’ maknae Jungkook, was introduced to me early in my K-pop stunning days. I found a lot of fan videos as well as hypotheses about their personal life. I had a lot of ships,’ ‘theories,’ and ‘interactions’ between them on Instagram and YouTube. I was stunned; the edits are so brilliant and frighteningly realistic-looking that a non-fan may mistake them for the real thing!

I sought to learn more about this popular k-pop duo, and this is why fans believe Lizkook is indeed the genuine deal:

1. Maknae Star

Jungkook and Lisa are maknaes in their respective groups, and they share a lot of characteristics. They are, for example, the focal point of their group and gifted entertainers. On and off of the stage, both performers have a go-getter, aggressive attitude, and they are both attractive and adorable.

2. a total of 97 lines

They must have hung out in a group or been part of a group chat because they are both 97-liners with a shared buddy network.

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