Eunkwang of the K-pop group BTOB tests positive for Covid-19


Eunkwang, the frontman and primary vocalist of the South Korean band BTOB, has apparently been diagnosed with Covid-19 and has temporarily suspended all scheduled activities.
The group’s label, Cube Entertainment, made an official statement on February 15 advising about the artist’s condition, according to the Korean tabloid Soompi. “This is Cube Entertainment,” says the narrator. “Today (February 15), BTOB member Seo Eunkwang tested positive for COVID-19,” the statement started.
“On February 14, Seo Eunkwang experienced a sore throat, so he initially carried out a test (with a self-testing kit) and checked that he was negative,” the statement read. “Afterwards, as a preemptive measure, he visited the hospital to carry out a PCR test and received a positive test today (February 15).”
“The rest of the BTOB members will preemptively carry out PCR tests and wait at home until the test results come out,” the agency further mentioned. “Previously, Seo Eunkwang completed the second dose of his COVID-19 vaccine, and he has currently halted all activities and is taking the necessary measures in keeping with guidelines set by government health authorities.”
Further concluding the statement, the agency stated, “The agency will continue to follow the government health authorities’ prevention guidelines, and we will do our best for the artist’s health and safety. Thank you.”
However, BTOB is preparing to release its third full-length album, Be Together, on February 21, 2022, which would be their long-awaited full-group reunion. The group’s next reunion will indeed be their first including all six members in over four years, following the release of their 11th mini-album This Is Us in June 2018.
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