It is highly unlikely that people have not noticed the hole at the center of the plastic stools that we use at home. Have you ever questioned why certain products are designed typically to look a certain way? Is it for aesthetic reasons or are they for functional purposes? You be surprised that every little detail in the product design has a purpose.

There is science behind this hole being made in the stools. The factories making plastic products, whether branded or local, follow the general rules of science for production everywhere. So if the stool is being made in India or in any corner of the world doesn’t affect the design of the product.

Here are the reasons why stools have holes at their centers:

1. The hole at the center of the stools prevents it from breaking

Of course, you must have noticed that the hole is always round in shape. Ever wondered why? It is for maintaining the structural integrity of the stool and preventing it from breaking when you sit on it.

If the holes were square-shaped or differently shaped with numerous angles then the force would get concentrated on those angles and make it easier to get cracked. On the other hand, circular holes, spread the force evenly.

2. For making unstacking easier

Due to of lack of space, be it at our homes or shops, you will notice that the plastic stools are often placed one above the other. Do you think it would have been easy to unstack them without these deliberately made holes?

If there weren’t any holes, unstacking the stools would be impossible or rather they’d be challenging to un-stack at least. The holes are meant for the prevention of vacuum build-up. The holes relieve the air pressure when they are stacked, making un-stacking easier in the process.

3. To carry them with ease

These deliberately made holes serve the additional purpose of making carrying the stools more comfortable and easier. But if one makes the hole too big the stool would lose its structural integrity thereby losing support. If you make it too small then your fingers cant squeeze through! Wow, can you imagine all the engineering and time which goes into making these cheap plastic stools?


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