Fire engulfs 42-story Chinese Skyscraper In Changsha no deaths reported

Chinese Skyscraper In Changsha

Chinese Skyscraper In Changsha The largest telecom provider in the nation’s capital, central China, owns a 42-story building that is currently engulfed in flames and black smoke, although no injuries have yet been reported.
Chinese Skyscraper In Changsha

Chinese Skyscraper In Changsha¬† The largest telecom operator in the nation’s 42-story skyscraper in central China was engulfed in flames and black smoke on Friday, although no injuries were recorded, according to officials.

The China Telecom skyscraper in Changsha, the provincial capital of central Hunan, caught fire on dozens of stories. The city’s fire service reported sending 280 personnel, all of whom were successful in promptly putting out the fire on the 218-meter (720-foot) structure.

According to a statement from China Telecom, no accidents or fatalities have been reported. Although it claimed that there was no interruption to mobile service, social media users reported having trouble using their phones.

Videos of the fire revealed a side of the structure that had been burned black, with pieces of it falling to the ground. Other recordings from the local media showed how the building’s occupants were able to leave.

The origin of the fire was not immediately known.

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