Florence Pugh, Chris Pine’s “Astral Projecting,” and Harry Styles’ Spit Gate (Avoiding) How “Don’t Worry Darling” Drama Persisted After Venice Premiere: Eye Contact

Don't Worry Darling

Don’t Worry Darling There was no doubt some hope that all the scandal would be put to one side for the star-studded world premiere later that evening after the weeks of drama that had engulfed Olivia Wilde’s highly anticipated sophomore film Don’t Worry Darling, drama that somehow managed to crescendo even further following an awkward press conference at the Venice Film Festival on Monday (where questions were shut down by the moderator).

The fans outside—many of whom had camped out all night—made sure that Warner Bros. The festival’s loudest cheers were certainly heard during Discovery’s psychological thriller, however the cheers for lead actress Florence Pugh were in a comparable decibel level. Before the screening, the cries continued into the Salla Grande, and after the movie, there was a lengthy standing ovation of seven minutes.

But keen-eyed cameras caught a few incidents that added gasoline to the flames of controversy, spawned a few new memes, and made sure that much of the social media conversation is still firmly focused on topics unrelated to the movie.

Styles appears to spit at co-star Chris Pine as they both seat down in the Salle Grande for the Don’t Worry Darling screening in what has quickly gone viral. …or does he? Certainly, Pine’s response indicates that he did. In any event, the video has undoubtedly been the most popular topic of conversation on Twitter since the premiere and has received millions of views.


Another piece of video footage, perhaps in second place, shows Pugh acknowledging the clapping and cheers, seeming embarrassed, kissing the audience, and laughing with co-star Nick Kroll. However, it doesn’t show her making any eye contact with her director Wilde, and some claim that she didn’t do so once throughout the seven-minute standing ovation. The two didn’t appear to speak at all on the red carpet prior to the event and were seated four seats apart.

Many people were watching the press conference in the hopes that Wilde will address the issue as this was the last update before the festival. Not so. The moderator then cut off a question from The Hollywood Reporter regarding LaBeouf after Wilde dismissed one concerning Pugh’s absence and their alleged falling out by saying she didn’t want to add to “all the commotion.”

In a lighter vein, the press conference caused Pine, a prospective target for spit later in the day, to become a viral hit himself. While a lot of focus was on Wilde’s reluctance to discuss the drama, pictures from the media meeting showed him appearing dazed by the events. Or “Chris Pine astral projecting,” as other Twitter users put it.

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