Glenn Maxwell’s Fiance Vini Raman Reply Won Our Hearts After A Troll Asks Her To Ditch Him


Glenn Maxwell’s Fiance Vini Cricketing fraternity looks pro-active on social media platforms after the commencement of the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) in UAE from September 19. The franchises, players and their family members keep posting about the matches and their performances. In the meantime, they are also hit by trollers and haters in the comment section. Sometimes haters cross the line while criticizing and the players don’t step back from giving it back to them.

Glenn Maxwell’s Fiance Vini Earlier this year, Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell got engaged to his long time Indian origin girlfriend Vini Raman. Even some fascinating pictures of the engagement had surfaced on social media in which the family members of Aussie all-rounder were spotted wearing the traditional attire of India.

Glenn Maxwell wife Vini Raman
Glenn Maxwell/Instagram

On September 20, Vini Raman, the fiancee of Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell shared a picture featuring Glenn and herself. The picture soon got viral on social media and garnered a lot of likes and comments from netizens.

However, a user apparently didn’t like Vini being with Maxwell and told her to leave her fiance and settle with some Indian guy.

The Instagram user guru_boy7 wrote,

“Ditch the mentally troubled white boy @vini.raman .. You don’t need to feel sorry for the poor dude… Get an Indian guy you sell out”

Maxwell wife troll
Vini Raman/Instagram

Seeing this hateful comment, Vini decided to teach a good lesson to the troller and replied to him stating that it is her choice about whom she wishes to spend her life with regardless of their colour and nationality. Vini wrote,

“@guru_boy7 clearly fishing for a reaction so I’ll give it to you unlike you I don’t see colour, I can love someone regardless of their ethnicity and that is completely my choice. I don’t have to base my life decisions on the opinion of a faceless random on the internet and I surely don’t have to base my life decisions on the opinion of a faceless random on the internet and I surely don’t have to justify it. If you don’t like what you see keep scrolling champ!”

Maxwell Wife reply troll
Vini Raman/Instagram

The Melbourne-based Indian pharmacist also shared the screenshot of this conversation on her Instagram story and decided to give an earful to all the people with such low mentality who judge a person on the basis of their colour and nationality.

Vini added in her Instagram story,

“So, I normally don’t respond to comments like these as I know trolls do it just to get attention. But a 6 month lockdown has left me with plenty of time to educate ignorant morons. Loving someone of a different skin colour doesn’t make you a sell out. Loving a white person doesn’t mean I’m embarrassed to be an Indian. Loving a white person is my choice and I shouldn’t have to worry about what others will think.”

Appreciating his fiancee, Maxwell, reposted the story shared by Vini. Maxwell praised Vini for being brave and giving it back to the trolls and wrote,

“Proud of you. Some people are just genuinely pathetic!!!”

Glenn Maxwell wife Vini Raman troll
Glenn Maxwell/Instagram

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