Here’s What Happened To Bhatia Family House After The Burari Deaths


What Happened To Bhatia Family House After The Burari Deaths House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths has been released on Netflix, and the hypotheses presented in the video have startled many people. If you’ve seen the documentary, you’ll agree that it left us all feeling uneasy. There was only one question on everyone’s mind, “why?”

What Happened To Bhatia Family House After The Burari Deaths Leena Yadav, a filmmaker, did an outstanding job delving into all of the rumours surrounding their deaths that were circulating on the internet. The show also focuses on issues like mental health, trauma and the repressive nature of Indian families.

What Happened To Bhatia Family House The whole documentary is all about that the famous incident of 2018 that shook the whole nation when in a single night, a whole family of 11 was discovered dead. It’s beyond the imagination of the average individual. But there’s the issue of the fact that it actually occurred. A normal, happy family commits themselves by hanging themselves from an iron grill on their own roof.

The Burari Deaths family

The view of family members hanging by their necks in the wide area of their own home was unusual. The only survivor was a dog that had been left tethered on the rooftop in the sweltering heat. Three generations of people whom all appear to have taken their own lives. In the case of the Burari deaths, which shocked the whole country, no foul play was suspected.

The documentary series began by emphasising the incident’s pure ridiculousness and then went on to describe the incident’s ‘shock’ potential. Many facts may be found through expert testimony, crime reporters reporting for their various channels, and law enforcement authorities.

Burari Death Delhi

What happened to that house?

If you’re curious about what happened to the house after the tragedy, it’s been attracting visitors as a “haunted house.”

The family’s house in Burari, North Delhi, measures 1,070-square-foot. The three-story building is home to two families: the Kashyap’s, who live on the ground level and manage the Dhruv diagnostic centre on the ground and the first and second floors of the house have been cared for by Ali’s family.

The Burari Death house

According to the reports, neighbours have reported feeling a scary presence outside the property, but the present owners have denied these claims. Because of the horror stories that are circulating, the rent for the property is quite low in comparison with other properties of that area.

All 11 members of the family died, although two relatives who did not live with the family survived. The two siblings are still recovering from what occurred with their relatives. Dinesh Singh Chundawat, the family’s eldest son, works as a contractor in Rajasthan. He has previously stated to The Hindu,

“Our entire family was in Rajasthan, in and around Sawa village. We did not want to cut ties. Also, I liked open spaces, something which Delhi did not have. Bhavnesh (the second sibling) and his wife came along and we thought we would set up a business together.”

Another sibling, Sujata Nagpal, a sister, has been residing in Panipat.

Burari Deaths Surviving Members

Difficulties faced by Director Leena during the filming of this documentary

Director Leena Yadav (previously directed Shabd, Parched, Rajma Chawal), who picked the occurrence as the subject of her debut documentary, House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths with co-directors Yadav and Anubhav Chopra investigates the intricate, complicated, and often secret workings of a traditional Indian family, with a background score by AR Rahman.

The director Leena told The Hindu about the documentary, saying,

“This particular case really got my attention. I wanted to know the why and how of it, and I was not satisfied with the information around me. So when Netflix asked if I had a subject for a documentary in mind, this was on the top of my list. I wanted to investigate it myself as this case has so many layers and we haven’t learnt about a single one yet.”

Burari Death director Leena Yadav

She further added,

“I have tried to evolve my own style of a documentary telling in House of Secrets. The subject defines the style, and I find that when the visual language, the edit, and the structure serve the telling of the story, it elevates the experience.”

She elaborated on the difficulties she experienced throughout the shoot, saying,

“We [Indian society] are not very aware of documentaries, and as we genuinely live by the rule ghar ki baat ghar mein hee rehni chahiye [private matters should remain within the four walls of the house], getting people to open up was a bit difficult. But the fact is that people also want to talk about it. Additionally, it was a very emotional subject at various levels. It was painful — especially interviewing the friends and family — but the lessons learnt were many.”

The Burari Death Netflix

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