Jimmy Kimmel Chose The Wrong Time To Make A Bad Joke At The Emmys

Jimmy Kimmel
Quinta Brunson accepts the Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series award for ‘Abbott .

Jimmy Kimmel Following his comic sketch on Monday night’s Emmy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel received criticism for what some perceived to be stealing Quinta Brunson’s thunder.

Will Arnett dragged Kimmel onto the stage while Kimmel pretended to have passed out after drinking too many margaritas during the presentation of the award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series by Kimmel and Arnett. It was the “13th time in a row that he’s lost,” Arnett said, adding that Kimmel had drowned his sorrows backstage.

It was a funny spoof, but when Brunson entered the stage to win her first Emmy award for her ABC sitcom Abbott Elementary, Kimmel was still on stage, lying next to Brunson, making it difficult to record Brunson’s speech without including Kimmel’s body in the frame.

Jimmy, wake up. I won,” joked Brunson in an attempt to get Kimmel to stand up; however, Kimmel stayed on the floor, apparently believing that his skit was too funny to end. Brunson made the decision to ignore him and continued with her victory speech after a few awkward glances down. Arnett dutifully took Kimmel off stage once she was finished because Kimmel stuck with the joke all the way to the end.

As Abbot Elementary fans lashed out at Kimmel for stealing the show during Brunson’s big moment, Twitter quickly erupted in fury. Fans of Brunson, who have seen her progress from making popular Instagram videos for Buzzfeed to creating an Emmy-winning show, thought that Kimmel’s commitment to his joke was offensive and came off as quite conceited.

Kimmel obviously misread the situation, but Brunson didn’t appear to care. Following the ceremony, Brunson seems eager to move past the uncomfortable situation, telling reporters:

I don’t know, tomorrow maybe I’ll be upset at him. I’m going to be on his programme on Wednesday, so I might punch him in the face. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. “I guess in that moment, I was just really glad that it was Jimmy up there,” the speaker said.


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