Life of famous choreographer Remo D’Souza who spent nights on the streets


We don’t always care about the background of our idols and the people we are used to seeing on television screens. We believe that from the very beginning of his career he is leading a prosperous life. But that is not always the case. Some of our Bollywood favorites put up some real “struggle” as to who we know.

Presenting the lesser known story of choreographer and dancer Remo D’Souza. The story of Ramesh Yadav turning to Remo.

family and history

Ramesh was born in a family in Bangalore. His father worked as a chef of the Indian Air Force. Being so poor, there were times when they could not support their existence.

While studying in Gujarat, Remo felt an attraction towards dance. Before his HSC, he reportedly fled to Mumbai to follow his dreams. Take a chance in the huge industry.

remo d'souza father mother

Although his father wanted him to join the Indian Air Force. Remo learns that he was not much interested in studies. The only thing he loved very much was dancing. He learned dance from the various movies we watched.

Remo D'Souza's childhood pictures

Sleepless nights

He was a self-taught dancer and considered Michael Jackson as his teacher. He used to learn step by step from Jackson’s videos and edit them from some of his videos.

Remo D'Souza Rare Old Photos

Although the road was not very easy. As we all know it is difficult to be in a good position in the industry. In his early days, he could not make a living. So he had to do side jobs like cycle mechanic, selling groceries etc.

Non-availability of money affected Remo really badly. There were many nights where he slept on an empty stomach at the railway station.

Remo D'Souza Young

marriage and children

In Mumbai, he fell in love with a girl named Lizelle and they got married. She used to work in a television report show. Although his financial instability was a problem, he never left his side. They both are very happy with their kids Dhruv and Gabriel.

remo d'souza wife family
times of India

With time Remo got fame and got the life he deserved

Remo was once a background dancer and he can be seen in the song you from the picture from shahrukh movie pardes.

remo d'souza pardes movie

He worked with many Bollywood stars, now his net worth is 50 crores.

Not only did he stick to dance, but he also expanded and tried his luck directing films. his first film, a b c d There was an overwhelming response from the box office and it became a huge hit. Later they signed and got all set for the launch of the sequel of the same. abcd 2 Starring Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor. Which also got a very good response from the crowd.

Remo D'Souza Life
Remo D’Souza/Instagram

In December 2020, Remo was admitted to the hospital due to a heart attack. His wife took great care of him as usual and took him back home after recovering.


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