Mahesh Bhatt Shares Skeleton Pic With ‘Insensitive Quote’, Gets Slammed


Mahesh Bhatt Shares Skeleton Pic It has been almost two weeks now since Sushant Singh Rajput passed away at his Bandra residence. Post his untimely demise, it was reportedly said that Sushant was suffering from depression. There has been a lot of things that have spiraled post his untimely demise. Right after Sushant’s death, there was a news report doing the rounds about how Mahesh Bhatt reportedly asked Sushant’s rumoured girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty to vacate the flat and leave the actor immediately after she told her about him hearing voices and behaving strangely. While social media is boiling with the whole nepotism debate, the Mumbai Police had been investigating the matter.

Mahesh Bhatt Shares Skeleton pic Though these claims have not been officially proven yet, social media seems to have believed the rumours/speculations and created a narrative which antagonises Mahesh Bhatt. This hate on social media was fueled furthermore when Mahesh Bhatt recently tweeted the photo of a skeleton along with a famous quote from Tad Williams.

Bhatt tweeted a picture of a skeleton with a caption that read,

“Dying men think of funny things – and that’s what we all are here, aren’t we? Dying men?”

Below is the tweet by Mahesh Bhatt

The tweet posted by Mahesh Bhatt has riled up netizens and has resulted in him getting trolled mercilessly on the social media platform. Most of the Twitter users, who are convinced that Mahesh Bhatt is behind a certain conspiracy which led to Sushant’s death have been writing that the producer-director will have to face karma in his lifetime. Check out netizens reaction below,


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