Man Lists Bra & Waist Size In A Bizarre Matrimonial Ad And We Are Angry As Hell


Man Lists Bra  Waist Size In A Bizarre Matrimonial Ad And We Are Angry As Hell Tinder and Indian matching websites have a huge distinction in that one is honest while the other is deceptive. People still make space on Tinder for meeting someone who might or might not be the type of person they’d like to date. On the other hand, a matrimonial advertisement is still one of the strangest spots to look for a possible companion. But the issue about matrimonial advertising is that they have very precise needs,6 which range from wanting you to be “fair” to “wanting you to earn less than the man,” which sounds quite strange.

Man Lists Bra Waist Size In A Bizarre Matrimonial Ad And We Are Angry As Hell While we’d all heard of height, weight, and complexion criteria, the latest one to catch our attention is a guy seeking a wife who fits into a specific bra size, waist size, and even a specific foot size. We’re wondering if he was looking for a spouse or an actress for a role in his home movies.

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A screenshot uploaded by a Reddit user depicts a man who has put down his criteria for a potential mate, which include “80% casual, 20% formal,” with the exception of being prepared to wear “costumes in bed.”

Not only that, but the man went on and on about his “dream woman,” including the sort of “pro-life and liberal” ideas she should have, as well as the fact that she should have no children. Many others, like us, were flabbergasted when they heard his unusual requirement.

This commercial, which was first shared on the Betterhalf matrimony app, has now gone popular on social media. Finding a life partner was clearly like placing an order at a restaurant that would custom-make his future bride for him.

Man Lists Bra Size In Bizarre Matrimonial Ad

While some people were offended in the comments section, others had some humorous replies to this extremely precise matrimonial ad.

Another user brought attention to the suffering of males by expressing how many men feel when ladies demanded 6-foot tall men.

However, given how ridiculous and odd it was in the first place, a few Reddit users thought it was merely a prank or a satirical jab at matrimonial advertising.

Following its extensive appearance on Twitter, the ad drew the attention of the matrimonial app. The firm stated on Twitter,

Some matrimonial ads are rather amusing. A few months ago, a unique matrimonial ad became popular on social media due to its gen-z-friendly eligibility requirements. Apart from the usual requirements such as height, religion, and so on, the man was particularly looking for a wife who was not hooked to social media.

Meanwhile, assuming this isn’t a joke, we’re curious as to what will be added to the list of criteria next. Toilet habits or something else?

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