Munmum Dutta responds to people on alleged affair with TMKOC co-star Tappu


There are rumors that actors Munmum Dutta and Raj Anadkat are dating each other. According to a report in ETimes, Munmun Dutta who plays Babita ji in the sitcom and Raj Anadkat who plays Tappu are in love with each other. These rumors started floating after fans saw Munmun’s Instagram post and Raj’s flirtatious comments on the reel video.

The rumors soon started spreading like wildfire on social media and people flooded his comment section with lewd comments. The actress has now broken her silence on being slut-shamed and age-shamed by trollers over her alleged relationship with Raj Anadkat, who claim there is an age gap of 9 years between them.

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Earlier, the actress was in the news for using ‘casteist’ abusive words in her social media videos, an FIR was also registered against her. Although Tea The actress took to her social media handle to apologize for inadvertently hurting the sentiments of a community.

Munmun Dutta, popular for playing Babita Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmahbroke its silence on the matter in two strong Instagram posts. One for the trolls and the other for the media. Addressing the media, the actor wrote,

“For the media and their zero credibility ‘magazines’, who has given you the right to post ‘imaginary’ ‘made up’ articles in the names of people about their personal lives without their consent? Are you from your reckless behavior? Responsible for loss of life? You don’t stop pointing your camera at the face of a bereaved woman who has just lost her love or lost her son at a funeral, just for your visit You can stoop to any level to create sensational articles/headlines at the cost of someone’s reputation, but Ru going to take the responsibility of causing havoc in your life? If not then you should be ashamed of yourself!!”

Addressing his audience, Munmun wrote,

“For the general public, I had much better expectations from you. But the filth that you have done to the so called ‘literate’ people in the comment section also proves how regressive society we are. Women are constantly age shamed, slut shamed, mom shamed at the cost of your humor. Whether your humor drives someone to the brink of a mental breakdown is not your concern. It took 13 years of entertaining people and 13 minutes for none of you to strip my dignity. So the next time someone is medically depressed or motivated to take their own life, stop and think about whether or not it was your words that pushed that person over the edge. Today I am ashamed to call myself the daughter of India.”

Munmun Dutta’s first brush with acting began with the 2004 TV show ‘Hum Sab Baraati’. She made her film debut in 2005 in Kamal Haasan’s Mumbai Express, followed by her appearance in the 2006 film Holiday.

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