New ‘God Of War Ragnarok’ Trailer Showcases A Clear ‘Elden Ring’ GOTY Competitor

god of war

God Of War Ragnarok Despite the fact that I share everyone else’s scepticism about the possibility of lightning striking twice, I have to admit that everything I’ve seen so far about God of War Ragnarok makes me think that Sony Santa Monica might just pull off another miracle and create a more than deserving sequel to what I would consider the best single-player game of the previous generation.

And despite Elden Ring’s undeniable lead, which hasn’t wavered since its release in February, we actually might be in for a race for Game of the Year 2022.

Yesterday’s Sony PlayStation State of Play was primarily geared toward the Japanese market, but it concluded with unquestionably the best God of War trailer we’ve seen thus far, complete with memorable quotes (“Death can take me, when it has earned me”) and classic images like wolves pursuing the moon.

With the (very stupid) joke that Ragnarok is only “DLC” for the first game rather than a complete sequel, it also seems to me that the trailer was charged with showcasing as much footage as possible to differentiate this game from the previous one. It’s obvious that Ragnarok is taking on an outstanding appearance, and there is no better representation of that than this fantastic trailer. That’s just console war foolishness.

It’s difficult for me to say if God of War Ragnarok or Elden Ring will win Game of the Year from most publications (and I suppose the one that “matters” today is The Game Awards). I believe you could create something that was equally as good as the first game, but since it was a sequel, it would need to significantly outperform the original to garner the same degree of praise and attention. Meanwhile, Elden Ring is one of the top developers in the entire industry, a sales juggernaut, and an instant classic IP. It will be challenging to compete.

The correct response in this case is “everyone wins,” of course. Despite the fact that there have been numerous pandemic-related delays making this year overall very light, the fact that Elden Ring and Ragnarok will both be released this year is noteworthy in and of itself. This was originally going to be a three-way battle with Xbox’s Starfield, but that was postponed until 2023, when, based on previous Fallout and Elder Scrolls entries from Bethesda, it should be a front-runner for GOTY. However, that makes a lot of assumptions for a brand-new IP.

I am impressed that Sony Santa Monica avoided giving God of War Ragnarok a second delay, even though it probably already had one of a year due to the absurd claim that it was first scheduled to release in 2021, which no one believed. Even still, I would have lost money if I had predicted that Starfield, whose holiday 2022 release date had been made quite clear, would be postponed, but Ragnarok would not. There are only two months left.


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