Puebla vs. America, result, summary and goals: the Eagles crush the Strip and have one foot in the semifinals

during the game Puebla vs America, corresponding to the Quarterfinals first leg match of the Torneo Apertura 2022 of the Liga BBVA MX, at Cuauhtemoc Stadium, on October 12, 2022. <br><br> durante el partido Puebla vs America, correspondiente al partido de ida de Cuartos de Final del Torneo Apertura 2022 de la Liga BBVA MX, en el Estadio Cuauhtemoc, el 12 de octubre de 2022.

This Wednesday, at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium, América defeated Puebla 6-1 in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the 2022 Apertura Playoffs.

The second leg match will be played on Saturday at the Azteca Stadium. To overcome the aggregate score and advance, the Strip needs to defeat the Eagles by difference of six goals. A tie on aggregate favored the azulcrema team for its best position in the standings at the end of the regular phase.

America celebrated its 106th birthday in a big way.

The Camoteros opened the scoring and seemed to take over the action. But then Fernando Tano Ortiz ‘s team pushed hard and gave no respite. D iego Valdés, Henry Martín, who scored a double, and Alex Zendejas were the best men in America for their goals and game production.

Summary of Puebla vs. America

The match ends, América defeats Puebla 6-1 in the first leg of the quarterfinals
Minute 90+2: America’s goal! A pass from Jonathan Rodríguez, Federico Viñas gives the grace shot to Puebla with the 6-1.
Minute 90: The whistler gives three minutes of compensation.

Minute 87: Near America! Bryan Rodríguez enters the area and sends a diagonal to Roger Martínez, his shot is stopped by Anthony Silva; The Eagles do not stop.

Minute 77: America’s goal! After entering the game, Bryan Rodríguez goes for a ball, passes three Puebla players with great speed and in a one-on-one in the area he puts the lapidary 5-1.

Minute 71: America does not take for granted, looks for the fifth goal, takes advantage of all the openings in the defense of Puebla.

65th minute: America’s goal! Diego Valdés takes a shot from outside the area, Anthony Silva cannot control the ball, Alex Zendejas makes it 4-1 in a counterattack in the heart of the area.

Minute 57: America’s goal! Néstor Araujo sends a deep pass, Henry Martín picks up speed, enters the area and finishes off Anthony Silva for 3-1.

Minute 56: America is saved! After a series of rebounds in the area, Jordi Cortizo spiked the ball and barely went outside the right post.

Minute 53: Henry Martín (América) takes a shot inside the heart of the area, but Diego DeBuen’s mark bothers him.

Start the second half
The first half is over
Minute 45+3: They cancel a goal against America ! Henry Martín pushes a ball into the net, but the whistling marks out of place.

Minute 43: América plays with a lot of verticality and makes the ball flow.

Minute 39: Near America ! Diego Valdés serves a surgical pass to Henry Martín, who shoots at close range, but the ball goes over the top.

Minute 32: America’s goal! Henry Martin puts America up quickly; he pumps her for a chest serve and then defines. There is a VAR review for an alleged handball by Martín, but the goal is validated.

Minute 31: America’s goal! In an indirect free kick from the corner on the left side of the area, Maximiliano Araujo releases Diego Valdés, who puts the ball at the far post.

Minute 27: Luis Reyes (America) takes a shot from outside the area; Diego de Buen deflects the ball and Anthony Silva has to intervene.

Minute 25: Puebla is saved! Álvaro Fidalgo takes a tight shot from outside the area that causes Anthony Silva to dive, but the ball hits the right post.

Minute 16: Henry Martín (America) plays the ball on the baseline and the ball goes out of the field, but the play continues and the Eagles produce a couple of scoring opportunities, but the whistle invalidates everything.

Minute 14: Puebla goal! Omar Fernández takes a shot from outside the area, in front of the net Jordi Cortizo deflects it for 1-0; it looked like it was out of place, but the whistle doesn’t mark anything.

Minute 11: Martín Barragán sublimely touches a ball to Omar Fernández inside the area, but he cannot control it.

Minute 11: Near America! Henry Martín serves the ball to Diego Valdés, who outside the area takes a shot that barely avoids the goal.

Minute 3: Warn America! Diego Valdés sends an impeccable ball to Alex Zendejas in the area; the azulcrema winger tries to pass the ball, but he collides with goalkeeper Anthony Silva who suffers a cut.

Minute 1: The field is quite fast due to the rain that postponed the game. They had to get water.