“RIP Olivia Wilde’s Don’t be worried, darling ‘Female’ Orgasm Awareness Press Tour


Olivia Wilde‘s Female Orgasm Awareness Each week, during the week, on Don’t Let This Flop, the podcast of Rolling Stone that focuses on online news and culture we present a segment called Straight People, about the events and happenings of heterosexuals who have a bad reputation online. Although this segment typically contains breaking news and news about dating there is a drama that has more straight than that of Don’t Worry, Darling, the film set to release in the near future which has been the subject of an array of rumors and speculations, as well as general invective that is laced with misogyny directed at its female-led director. It also has prompted nearly every news source around the globe to publish an abridgement of the headline mentioned above in the last 72 hours. Why? Content, baby!

I’m not aware of what the movie is about. Do I have to be aware of it?

Olivia Wilde’s Female Orgasm Awareness I mean, that depends how you feel about mid-century modern period horror/drama/thrillers. Written by Olivia Wilde, Don’t Worry Darling is a film that’s supposedly about housewives (including the film’s star Florence Pugh) trying to discover the truth about husbands’ (including Rolling Stone cover star Harry Styles) top-secret project. There’s also a subplot that concerns female empowerment, if the buzz-worthy oral sex scene from the movie trailer as well as Wilde’s frequent discussion of the topic during her press conferences for the film are an indication. In one of the photos she shared from the set, she was wearing an The Future Is female Ejaculation T-shirt. It’s a bit on her nose however she’s a millennial therefore it’s fine.

Olivia Wilde’s Female Orgasm Awareness It is possible but for having almost nothing about the idea, because the bulk of the media coverage on the movie has been on the alleged reported! pelvis-bumping incident that the film’s directors (Wilde) and the male lead (Styles) were reportedly on set, which is suspiciously at the same time Wilde split from their then-fiance, Jason Sudeikis.

Olivia Wilde’s Female Orgasm Awareness Since the beginning of 2021 by making their debut in public at the wedding of a Hollywood executive’s wedding, Styles as well as Wilde have enjoyed a wild relationship. While neither have been able to publicly express their opinions on their connection, Wilde has been spotted in concert with Styles numerous times in a sexy crowd, provoking the fury of Styles fans across the world. In the midst of the courtship there are rumors that have begun to circulate that Pugh who played the lead role in Don’t Worry Darling was not happy about Wilde and Styles their relationship. According to the media there was speculation Pugh was a film actor on her own and was paid significantly less for her role in Don’t, Darling than Harry, which Wilde has denied with absolute certainty. there are also rumors that Pugh was displeased about the fact that Styles and Wilde frequently “disappeared” from the film set for “canoodle” (industry trading term used to refer to “fucking”).

In addition, the fact Pugh has made comments on virtually none of these speculations, and has publicly done little to promote the film is only adding fuel to the flame. It’s the same with the fact that in an article in Harper’s Bazaar profile, Pugh seemed to reference Wilde’s remarks made in public regarding the oral sex scenes with Styles in a snarky manner by saying “When it’s reduced to sexually explicit scenes, or watch the biggest celebrity on earth go down on someone else, that’s not the reason you do what we do. That’s not why I’m working in this field. Naturally, when you’re hiring the most well-known pop star on the planet will result in conversations that are similar to this. But that’s not the topic I’m talking about because this movie is] more powerful and superior than the previous one.”

What is it? The answer is completely in doubt. It’s not clear the possibility of this film being great. It’s as much of an official secret the same as Area 54, or why Lucy Hale keeps getting cast in network pilots.

Okay, but isn’t it an all-too-tabloloid, unsubstantiated speculation about the sexual lives of two adult and very attractive individuals?

Yes, it’s. However, it’s also a crucial background to understand what happened in the last week, when Wilde was featured in a dramatic Variety profile to promote the film. Within the article, Wilde talks about the reasons why Shia LaBoeuf, who had initially been cast in Styles’ role, was dismissed from the film Don’t Be Worried, Darling. She dispenses the kind of pablum without gristle that is the food for most press tours:

“His method was not aligned to the spirit that I want to see for my performances. His process may be a bit sloppy, but appears to require a fierce spirit, and I do not think that’s most conducive to the best performance. My belief is that creating a secure and secure environment is the best method to allow individuals to perform the best job they can. In the end, it is my duty towards the production and the actors to ensure their safety.”

Apart from the fact that it sounds like something HR managers would say when he fires a middle manager for drinking G&Ts that were canned during the corporate Easter egg hunt and everything Wilde states here is logical. LaBoeuf is, at minimum an elementary school teacher who might refer to as an “big persona.” The actor was arrested back in the year 2014 after taking Alan Cumming’s sex during an Broadway production of Cabaret. He was charged with disruptive behavior in the bar, and camera footage showed his racial slurs. (LaBoeuf later, in a sort of, thanked him for this incident.) In the latter half of 2020, just after he was scheduled to quit the set of Don’t worry, Darling, LaBoeuf’s ex FKA Twigs would declare in a lawsuit that he physically and sexually abused her as well as one of his ex-girlfriends. Therefore, when Wilde initially stated that she removed LaBoeuf from the set for being a sexist on the set, and also to protect fellow performers, nobody was really shocked — perhaps because of Shia LaBoeuf himself.

Just after that Variety article was released LaBoeuf decided to release the receipts. He wrote an email Variety which he emailed to Wilde following publication, denying claims that he was dismissed and stating that he quit because of insufficient rehearsal time. “Firing me was never a reality, Olivia,” he wrote in the email. “And although I understand the attraction of telling this story due to the current political landscape as well as the social currency it provides. It’s not true.” The video clip of Wilde that was sent to LaBoeuf about a year then went viral on social media. In the video, she seems to be begging LaBoeuf to remain on the project despite the conflict with him. Florence Pugh, whom she refers to with a slight snide manner as “Miss Flo”:

Is it me or does she say “Shia” strangely in the video?

It’s not only you. Shia. Shia Shia Shiaaaaaaa.

What was the reaction of Twitter react?

With a sane, but with amazing nuance. Yes, (in French accent) I’m making a humorous, light-hearted joke! The video was used to portray Wilde as a lying liar who was throwing Pugh in the face in order to keep an abusive actor on set. Some on Twitter were quick to compare her to Amber Heard, which is quite a bizarre choice considering Heard is being accused by her critics of lying under oath about her ex-boyfriend rapping her with a bottle of wine and Wilde is blamed for …. not being completely honest with an Variety reporter. However, it seems like that’s what we’re calling women on the internet that aren’t our favorite these days.

Does the video look like an evidence-based one?

Not….really. It’s evident that she’s trying her best to promote herself to Shia to convince him to stay on the job and also to help her save her film However, this doesn’t look than the work of a clever gaslighting sociopath, and more of an example of an employee trying to save an unpopular project by facilitating conflicts with two colleagues. In fact, based on LaBoeuf’s history, it’s safe to say that he’s caused in causing more harm to his career and reputation than Wilde could have done in single interview. In any case the supposed conflict among LaBoeuf and Pugh as well as the subsequent conflict with Wilde and Pugh is a new genesis for the current news cycle around the film, which is, as I’m sure I’m negligent not to remind us that we aren’t sure is anything of value at all.

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