Shershah Starcast Salary Will Surprise You


Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra and actress Kiara Advani have been in the news ever since their release. Sher Shah:. The audience has taken the film into their hearts. The film is being discussed everywhere. The songs of the film have also been well liked by the audience.

amazon original movie Sher Shah: It has now joined the big leagues after garnering an overwhelming response from both the audience and the critics. This is Sidharth Malhotra’s highest fan-rated film on IMDb. The movie is now trending #10 on the IMDbPro Moviesmeter list, which rates the most popular movies based on data from millions of IMDb users worldwide.

Sher Shah:, starring Sidharth Malhotra, tells the story of the events of the Kargil War and Captain Vikram Batra, who was awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest and most prestigious medal for gallantry, for his efforts during the war. Batra’s codename in Kargil inspired the title of the film, Sher Shah:.

The story is fantastic and the audience has thoroughly enjoyed the chemistry between Sidharth and Kiara in this film. As a result of this, the audience is enjoying the film even more.

Let me tell you, the film is being seen as the best film of this year. The director of the film Vishnuvardhan was very excited about his film from the beginning.

Let us know how much fees the main characters including Siddharth and Kiara got for Sher Shah:

1. Siddharth Malhotra

People have been expressing their reaction to the film on Twitter ever since its release on August 12. Some say this is Sidharth Malhotra’s biggest performance till date, some praise Sher Shah:Cinematography and story line. But perhaps what everyone is talking about is that the actor delivered the necessary emotion for the film in a heartwarming manner. The actor has certainly used Shershaah’s canvas wisely to showcase his abilities, charging Rs 7 crore for the film.

Shershah scene

2. Kiara Advani

Meanwhile, Kiara Advani, who plays Captain Batra’s love interest and female lead character, Dimple Cheema in this film, has received an overwhelming response for Batra’s unconditional support. Cheema, who met Vikram Batra in 1995 and never married him. But she still lives as his widow. As a result, it really required bravery to portray the powerful character, which the actress performed wonderfully, charging Rs 4 crore for it.

Kiara Advani Sher Shah Salary
Kiara Advani/Instagram

3. Shiv Pandit

Shiv Pandit is already a talented actor, so his measured approach to his role isn’t surprising. He earned Rs. 45 lakhs for his performance as Lt Col Sanjeev Jamwal (popularly known as Jimmy) of Batra. He doesn’t get a good start in the film. Later, they get so close that Jamwal is seen crying at Batra’s funeral.

Shershah Starcast Salary- Shiv Pandit
Shiv Pandit/Instagram

4. Nikitin Dheer

Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia, who was martyred in the Kargil war, was brilliantly presented by Nikitin Dheer in this film. He earned Rs 35 lakh for his stellar performance.

Sher Shah Salary- Nikitin Dheer
Nikitin Dheer / Instagram

5. Anil Charanjit

In this film, Anil Charanjit played the role of Naib Subedar Bansi Lal, a close army friend of Vikram Batra. According to some reports, he allegedly took Rs 25 lakh for his work.

Anil Charanjit- Shershah Starcast Salary
Nikitin Dheer / Instagram

6. Pawan Chopra

Pawan Chopra, who plays Vikram Batra’s heartbroken but brave father GL Batra, was paid around Rs 50 lakh for his work in the film.

7. Mir Sarwar

In this film, Mir Sarwar played the role of the deadly terrorist Haider. In the film, he reportedly charged Rs 25 lakh for the role.

Mir Sarwar Sher Shah
Mir Sarwar/Instagram


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