Shibani Dandekar Attacks Ankita Lokhande In SSR Case Gets Roasted On Twitter


Shibani Dandekar Attacks Ankita hit out at Ankita Lokhande over ‘capitalising’ on Rhea Chakraborty being ‘targetted’ in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. After the former had taken a dig at ‘princesses’ and highlighting their posts about ‘fate’ and ‘karma’, allegedly a reference to the latter, Ankita had put out a strong message for her ‘haters.’ Reacting to that hard-hitting post, Shibani now stated that Ankita ‘wanted her two minutes of fame’ and that she had not ‘dealt with her own relationship issues’ with her ex-boyfriend Sushant.

Shibani Dandekar Attacks Ankita  Earlier, Shibani was one of the few Bollywood stars to have come out and openly support Rhea, highlighting her ‘unimaginable trauma’ and calling her a ‘pillar of strength’ amid the SSR case. Since then, many others have come out to support Rhea, played down the charges that have seen her being sent to Byculla Jail, and attempted to make a meal out of the ‘smash patriarchy’ t-shirt as though it has a bearing on recent happenings.

Responding to a post of a journalist sharing Ankita’s latest post, Shibani wrote,

“This woman clearly wants her 2 seconds of fame and has capitalised on Rhea being targeted because she has had never dealt with her own relationship issues with Sushant.. she has been the driving force behind this and she needs to be called out!”

Shibani’s tweet was not liked by netizens and they bashed her, below are some tweets:


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