Sonali Bendre claims that her cancer procedure left her with a 23-24-inch scar


Sonali Bendre will make her digital debut with The Broken News, which will air on ZEE5 shortly.
In 2018, Sonali Bendre was diagnosed with cancer. When she was diagnosed with cancer, her life changed dramatically. Fortunately, the cancer was discovered at an earlier stage and was successfully treated. Sonali Bendre and her family, on the other hand, had a terrible time from diagnosis to cure. As a cancer survivor, her perspective on life has shifted dramatically as a result of this horrible event. She has also learned a lot of things from this event, as she has from all of her others.
In an exclusive chat with Mashable India, Sonali Bendre said, “What Goldie and me say is BC and AC which is before cancer and after cancer. You go through something and you learn some lessons. And, if you have not learnt them, then it’s really sad. I think there were a couple of lessons from it. The point is reminding each other that it’s not the goal, but the process and the journey that’s important.”
Sonali Bendre revealed that seeing her appearance change after her cancer diagnosis was a terrible time in her life. She highlighted that she is now simply grateful that she has survived. Sonali revealed that her New York procedure left her with a 23-24-inch scar all over her body. Furthermore, she stated that her physicians advised her to begin walking as soon as possible. She went on to say that the doctors were afraid that she would have an illness resistant to antibiotics, so she was instructed to leave the hospital as soon as possible.
Sonali Bendre was adamant on getting better as soon as possible. Despite the 23-24 inch scar that made walking difficult for her, she made an attempt. She said, “Post surgery, my surgeon was like I want you walking in 24 hours. In 24 hours, I was holding my IV and walking in the corridor. It was hard because I had a cut which is 23-24 inches,”.
Sonali Bendre triumphed over cancer thanks to her tenacity and determination. She is currently working again. Her next project is The Broken News, a web series that will debut on an OTT platform.
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