Sonu Sood Biggest Scam Of 2020 Trends On Twitter After Tweets Asking For Actor’s Help Deleted


Sonu Sood Biggest Scam There have been only two Bollywood celebrities who managed to remain in limelight constantly during the coronavirus lockdown – Kangana Ranaut and Sonu Sood. Kangana got everybody’s attention because of her controversial statements and allegations that she leveled on some big names of the industry after the sudden demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sonu Sood Biggest Scam On the other hand, Sonu Sood made headlines because of the efforts that he made in arranging transportation for the migrant laborers so that they could return to their homes. The actor who was seen playing mostly negative characters in films became the real life messiah for many as he must have sent thousands of laborers home.

The incident that motivated him to help migrant workers

During an interview, Sonu Sood said that he got very disturbed when he saw that migrant workers were walking on foot with their kids and luggage as they had no other means to return to their homes and due to lockdown, they were left with no money either to survive because of no work. He talked about an incident as per which he was at Kalwa Chowk, Thane, Mumbai, and distributing food to some people over there when he saw that a group of people was walking with luggage and children. He stopped them and interacted with them. They were on a journey to Karnataka and the actor somehow managed to convince them to wait for some days so that he could arrange for their journey.

As per Sonu Sood, the day those people left for Karnataka, he went to meet them in the bus and they all were smiling and crying at the same time with happiness. Sonu said that this incident motivated him to help more migrant workers. In order to make it easy for people to contact him, Sonu Sood used to interact through his official Twitter account and timely help was provided to the needy by his team.

Migrant labours coronavirus

Sonu Sood ‘biggest scam of 2020’ trends on Twitter

Many on Twitter are saying that it was a drama which was managed by a PR agency as Sonu Sood must be aspiring to fight elections and become a politician.

This is how Twitter reacted over it:













As far as the question of becoming a politician is concerned, Sonu Sood has denied entering politics many times. He feels that there is still a lot remaining for him to do as an actor and he is not ready to become a political leader.

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