Steve Jobs’ daughter aims a not-too-subtle dig at Apple’s new iPhone 14

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs The late Steve Jobs’s daughter has made some less-than-subtle jabs at Apple’s new iPhone 14, which was presented on Wednesday at a product launch event called Far Out that highlighted the device’s features in addition to other updated and new items from the business.

Steve Jobs Eve Jobs, 23, posted a meme to her Instagram story following the launch with the comment, “Me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today.” The meme featured a man holding up a shirt that is exactly like the one he is wearing with joy.

The disparaging meme posted by the youngest child of the former Apple CEO supports a widely held belief on social media that the corporation is asking customers to spend hundreds of dollars on an upgrade that is too identical to the outgoing model.

What’s different about the iPhone 14?

Users who purchase the new model’s pro edition will benefit the most from features including a 48 megapixel camera, a speedier A16 CPU, and a redesign of the notch at the top of the screen, thereby turning it into an interface called the Dynamic Island. Additionally, it has a “always-on display,” which enables viewing of alerts even when the phone is locked.

A new action mode feature to stabilise movies is included in the standard edition, along with a car collision feature that is comparable to that of the most recent Apple Watch and satellite connectivity so that users can send SOS messages in an emergency. There is no tiny version of the phone, but customers can get a plus model with a 6.7-inch screen.

A longer battery life and a bigger light sensor for low-light photography are two further enhancements on the iPhone 13.

Expanding on Eve Jobs’ jab, detractors have pointed out that the smaller iPhone 14 is still the same size as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, while the larger model retains the same screen size, refresh rate, storage, CPU, and cameras as the iPhone 13. The A15 CPU from the previous model will still be available for a little longer for those who aren’t ready to spend the extra money on the Pro.

On September 16, the iPhone 14 will be available for purchase, and on October 7, the iPhone 14 Pro will be.

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