To honour honk for Jesus, SaveYour Soul. Examining Reviving a Megachurch


honk for Jesus, In this comedy, Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown play a fallen megachurch preacher and his first wife who are pleading and hoping for a return.

honk for Jesus In the astutely observed parody “Honk for Jesus. Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs and his first woman, Trinitie, of “Save Your Soul,” are not only ready for their close-up, but they also desperately need it. The megachurch preacher Lee-Curtis, who employs a documentary maker to aid in his comeback, is portrayed by Sterling K. Brown. As the woman who supports her man for a variety of reasons, including the high position that the title of first lady affords, Regina Hall is a wonder. In their church, Wander to Greater Paths, gilded thrones for him and her are evident.

Due to a sex scandal, the church’s thousands of members left in droves, many of them joining the rapidly expanding rival church of its former parishioners Keon and Shakura Sumptor (played by Conphidance and Nicole Beharie).The comedy (originally a short) was written and directed by Adamma

Ebo, a first-timer, who also produced it with her twin Adanne. The director demonstrates a sharp and nuanced knowledge of pastoral power and the costs of hypocrisy in this film, which is set in Atlanta, where the Ebo sisters were raised in the Southern Baptist tradition. Adamma Ebo said that the real-life downfall of megachurch pastor Eddie Long, who was accused of sexual misconduct by young men in his flock in 2010, inspired her. More accurately, she battled with it.

Honk for Jesus is not a straightforward mockumentary, though. One other person who has witnessed the disintegration of the pastor and his first lady is the unnamed fly-on-the-wall filmmaker hired by Lee-Curtis (voiced by Andrea Laing). We viewers witness several revealing, private exchanges between the husband and wife.

Former “This Is Us” star Brown fully inhabits his broken character, who frequently confuses God’s blessings and human wealth: The prosperity gospel has evolved into the pillar around which numerous churches are built. Brown yet makes it beautiful to behold. Additionally, Beharie is abominably effective as a First Lady 2.0. However, Hall is the one who conveys the emotional complexity of the movie as well as the thin morals of its characters. Trinitie takes pleasure in the gifts given to the couple. A glance at the expensive price tag occurs when purchasing a hat for the comeback service at a mall. We discover the complicated origins of Trinitie’s marital misgivings later, when she sits down with her mother one morning to talk about them.

The nice reverend doesn’t receive much sympathy in the movie’s conclusion. (He has a lot of compassion for himself.) Furthermore, little is said about the pain that genuine parishioners could feel when their strong are defeated. If Ebo had taken that route, “Honk for Jesus” might have been more heartfelt than astutely funny while also being truer. That would have been disastrous for this oh-so-smart comedy.