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In the immediate wake of a hugely successful documentary portrait as well as a hefty just-published biography, the canonization of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues with On the Basis of Sex Top 10 hollywood sex movie , an idolatrous but,

1 Bound (1996)

In 1996 first hollywood sex movie, Lana and Lilly Wachowski—then known as the Wachowski Brothers—made their first movie, the gorgeously tawdry romantic thriller Bound. Mobster’s minx Jennifer Tilly and sultry ex-con plumber Gina Gershon play a duo of schemers out to steal a bunch of mafia money. Violent, sensual and funny, Bound is sly and intelligently made entertainment. But it’s the love scenes between Tilly and Gershon that’ll really steam up your glasses.

2 The Handmaiden (2016)

The eroticism of The Handmaiden is inextricably linked to its themes of deception and cunning. Movie sex, after all, is more exciting when there is a possibility that its participants may turn out to be enemies. South Korean director Park Chan-wook’s historical crime drama transports the plot of Welsh writer Sarah Waters’ novel Fingersmith to Korea under Japanese rule in the 1930s. The less you know about the plot, the better actually. Suffice it to say that a pickpocket (Kim Tae-ri) becomes handmaiden to an heiress (Kim Min-hee) whom she intends to swindle out of her fortune. Though its most scintillating moments are those when the two women find passion in one another’s arms, the question of when and how they will find it again—and what the consequences may be—maintains the tension even when all are fully clothed

3 Before Sunrise (1995)

Imagine the best date you’ve ever gone on in your life. That date sucked compared to the 24-hours depicted in Before Sunrise. In this early Richard Linklater film, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) is an American who meets Céline (Julie Delpy) by happenstance on a train. They decide to disembark and bum around Vienna before parting ways, possibly forever. Before Sunrise (and its two sequels) prove the brain is the most vital sex organ. The two meander and chat for two hours, sharing their life philosophies, stories of their exes, time travel and—of course—love. It’s the best kind of foreplay.

4 Moonlight (2016)

The main character in Barry Jenkins’s lyrical drama is young, black, broke and gay—a demographic that rarely features in romantic films. The three actors who play Chiron at various ages (Alex R. Hibbert, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes) each grapple with the challenges of developing masculinity. The film’s imagery too is at turns vibrant, at others ethereal. Human skin has never looked so beautiful or alive on film before. This is a film of quiet moments, repressed longing, and the barest of consummation.

5 The Graduate (1967)

Mike Nichols’ era-defining film rolled through boring suburbia like a Sherman tank. hollywood sex movie It forever established Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) as the posterboy for aimless post-college youth. Influential in its time and far beyond, The Graduate broke new ground with an all-Simon & Garfunkel soundtrack and radical camera angles that brought the desperation of being young in the 60s into focus. It went even further with its eroticism: Mrs. Robinson’s (Anne Bancroft) outstretched, stocking-clad leg gave Ben a new sense of direction. And, of course, today the name “Mrs. Robinson” is synonymous with an enticing older woman.


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