Watch: DSP Fights With Neighbour Loses His Towel But Keeps Fighting In His Underwear


Watch: DSP Fights With Neighbour On Monday, a video of the Lokayukta DSP fighting with a retired bank employee while wearing underwear leaked on the Internet.

Watch: DSP Fights With Neighbour The cause for their quarrel was that the building work at the bank official’s house was causing a lot of dust and trash in the neighbourhood, which was bothering the DSP. It was all happened in Lakshya Vihar Colony, Indore, Madhya Pradesh on Saturday, December 25.

According to reports, the DSP was enraged by construction work being done in his neighbour’s house since it had caused dust to fall on his BMW automobile. In this case, he initially argued with his neighbour before filing a complaint against him.

Vedant Sharma filed a complaint against Sandeep Vij, a retired assistant general manager of a government bank, according to the investigation officer, Kanadiya police station sub-inspector Ramzan Khan.


Sharma said in his complaint that Vij, his neighbour, came to him on Saturday morning and the two got into a scuffle following a heated dispute, resulting in injuries to Sharma’s face and other areas of his body.

Police officials said,

“After the MLC of the victim, the police have registered a case under sections 294, 323 and 506 of the IPC. No complaint has been lodged by the accused Vij against Sharma in the case.”

Indore DSP fight in underwear

However, CCTV evidence shows the DSP assaulting Vij, who then attacked the DSP in retaliation. During the confrontation, the DSP also lost his towel for a brief while, yet he continued to fight Vij in his underwear. Vij can be seen fleeing the scene a few minutes after the confrontation began. However, shortly later, the DSP can be seen pursuing him down with a stick.

According to DSP Vedant Sharma, things have gotten nasty because of the alleged illegal construction work going on at Vij’s house which was empty for the past 6 months.

Quoted by Free Press Journal, DSP Sharma said,

“Because of the construction work, debris from his house is thrown outside my house and surroundings causing inconvenience in the locality. Also, the work causes dust in the area which causes inconvenience. Earlier, I requested him multiple times to get the work finished soon and also asked him to resolve the debris and dust issue, but to no avail.”

Indore DSP fight with neighbour

Sharma added,

“On the day of the incident, Vij came to me and threatened me, saying, ‘Tumhari afsargiri nikal dunga’ (I’ll remove you from bureaucracy). Because I’m a police officer, I responded in a manner that the police would normally respond when someone threatens them.”

On the other side of the story, Vij issued a statement claiming he went to Sharma to apologise for the trouble the construction work had caused him. Instead of responding politely, the DSP became enraged and assaulted him.

Watch: DSP Fights With Neighbour Loses His Towel Watch the complete video below


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