What are the mean things said about Blackpink?


things said about Blackpink There aren’t enough comebacks… There is a dearth of musical or dancing content, as well as creative stuff in general. Because of this, it’s difficult to perceive their entire potential, many sides of Blackpink… It’s impossible to discern variation from them given their lack of material during the course of their five-year tenure.

things said about Blackpink The way the females are behaving. Allow me to clarify this. Being Jennie prejudiced and with Jisoo as my bias wrecker, I wouldn’t call myself a blink, but I appreciate the group and the gals. I disagree with the way the girls are treated. Either they are the devil or they are perfect angels who do nothing wrong. They aren’t one or the other.

They are human, and they make errors, however, they should not be punished for them. Also, I find it amusing how blinks reply to critiques made in 2018 by referring to events that occurred in 2020. If you don’t know, love, when people criticized, they had no idea that this would occur in the future. Because no one can forecast the future, don’t react to criticism with 2020 predictions. It’s a complete blunder.

Fans of Blackpink member Lisa have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure at racist as well as nasty comments hurled at her. After a series of nasty chat comments went viral, fans of the band, known as BLINKs, have come out firmly to support the K-pop superstars.

Fans used the hashtags #RespectLisa, #RespectJisoo, #RespectJennie, as well as #RespectRose to make the hashtags #RespectLisa, #RespectJisoo, #RespectJennie, and #RespectRose trending on Twitter. As per reports, due of her Thai heritage, band member Lisa has faced discrimination and bigotry.

Leaked messages from a group chat revealed hateful, mean and racist comments towards Lisa, discrediting her hard work and relegating her success to underhanded means. The comments then went as far as dehumanising Thai people and Thailand in general.

The screengrabs doing the rounds saw trolls discrediting Lisa’s success story and even allegedly extended to hurtful posts against the people of Thailand.

Things said about Blackpink Member Lisa’s Fans

Twitter has been abuzz with fans of Blackpink member Lisa protesting against hateful and racist comments directed to the star.


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