When An Indian Survived A Flight Travelling Miles Hiding In The Wheels Of An Aircraft


We all are aware of what has happened in Afghanistan recently. Taliban have taken control over Afghanistan and they’re absolutely ruling the entire area. People are under a rule now and they are getting treated terribly. And by terrible we mean, in the worst ways possible.

Women are getting treated under the law named, “Shariah” the law is solely based o the Quran stories of Prophet Muhammad. It leads to a specific way of living with morals and a set of laws, rules, etc.

One rule of the law can lead to women with a lot of rights and the other can cut off many of them. Now, this law is highly debated among the people who follow the Quran. Afghanistan is literally the same as what happened to the Kashmiri Pandits in India 31 years back.

Now, since Afghanistan is under the rule of Taliban people are willing to leave the country.

Recently we saw the videos of the aircraft getting crowded, people being chaotic just so that they can get out of that hell of a place.

Another video where we saw two men falling off from the skies, from an aircraft. Well, as guessed, obviously risking leaving a place by just hanging off the plane or just trying to shelter yourself under the landing gear is now a great idea.


People either lose balance or get crushed by the gears. Most of the reports reading people pulling off this kinda stunt have always resulted in a tragic ending. 

Even if they end up being sheltered with a full balance, the altitude and temperature when the plane flies is something that kills a human body and is absolutely not suitable for the human body to be alive.

According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, there are about 113 cases between 1247 – 2015 where people tried to escape like this

Out of the 113 cases, 86 cases resulted in death. Pretty obviously. Either they died during the takeoff or landing by the landing gears and that is very common. 

And in some cases, the people died of hypothermia and hypoxia due to extremely cold temperature, lack of oxygen, and a high amount of atmospheric pressure at high altitudes temperature.


There is one such case where an Indian survived the flight hiding in the wheels of an aircraft

His name was Pardeep Saini. Pardeep and his brother Vijay hid under the wheelbarrow of a British aircraft that was headed to London Heathrow. They fled from India because they were accused of being members of the Sikh separatist group.

Both the brothers were car mechanics and did this back in October 1996, from New Delhi airport. The British Airways Boeing 747 from New Delhi to London is about 10 hours long, and fortunately, 22-year-old Pardeep survived the flight and landed alive but his 18-year-old brother Vijya died.

Though Pardeep faced a temperature drop of -60C during a 4000-mile journey he still was alive.

Pardeep Saini
Pardeep Saini. thesun

But his brother couldn’t take that much of a change and pressure. According to the doctors, Parveen’s body went into a state of suspended animation due to the temperature and this is why he landed alive. Now he is settled in London with his family while working for Heathrow airport.

But the cost of him losing his brother hit him real hard and he went into a state of terrible depression. Pardeep told Daily Mail during an interview and that is pretty tragic.

“I was depressed for six years. If the two of us died, then it’s one thing, or if both of us lived, it’s another story. But I lost my younger brother, he was like a friend to me. We grew up playing together.”

pardeep saini heathrow airport
Pardeep Saini. standardmedia


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