When Neetu Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor were filming an advertisement


Since the announcement of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s wedding, all eyes have been on them. The wedding is set to take place on April 15, according to Pinkvilla. Because the wedding has yet to be confirmed, paparazzi are not passing up the opportunity to question Neetu Kapoor about it. A video of the legendary actress went viral on social media, with her giving an appropriate response to a paparazzi who inquired about her son’s wedding. In a recent interview with the Free Press Journal, Neetu discussed her experience working on an advertisement with Ranbir.
While performing together, Neetu Kapoor stated that Ranbir Kapoor used to give her advice. “Mom aise paon rakho!” Ranbir used to exclaim, according to the legendary actress. ‘Tu mereko batayega?’ I exclaim. “Main teri maa hoon!” says the narrator. Neetu also complimented her kid, describing him as a “very obedient youngster.” When they were filming Besharam with Rishi Kapoor, the actress recalled Ranbir constantly looking down and conversing with his father. In actual life, he never looked him in the eyes. However, after completing a part in which he had to gaze into his eyes and do the shot, the Sanju actor went to his mother and remarked, “Mom, I have seen the colour of dad’s eyes for the first time. Kapoor khandaan’s eyes are superb!”
Meanwhile, Sanjay Dutt was recently approached to provide marital counsel to Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt at a promotional event. Sanjay expressed his happiness for him if he is indeed getting married. He further said that Alia Bhatt was practically born and raised in his presence. Sanjay continued, “Marriage is a commitment they are making to each other. And they have to stick by that, hold each other’s hands and move ahead in happiness, peace and glory. Make kids soon Ranbir, and stay happy!”
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