Which Bollywood actor is a BTS army?


Bang Tan Boys, Bollywood actor is a BTS  better known as BTS, is a well-known and lavish South Korean band. This band or its members are revered and adored not only in Asia but also around the world. This brand has a large fan base that includes people from many areas of life. To date, they’ve all sang incredible songs, and their creative skills and great performances have piqued the interest of many. In this excerpt,

Bollywood actor is a BTS  we’ll look at Bollywood superstars who are fans of BTS, ranging from Rahman to Diljit Dosanjh.
1. A. R Rahman
The multi-award-winning songwriter, as well as music manager, is indeed a two-time Grammy and Academy Award nominee. For his exceptional aptitude and knowledge of melody, AR Rahman is known as “The Mozart of Madras.” Mr Rahman has admitted to being such a BTS fan and also has expressed his desire to collaborate with them. I’m delivering this to the universe.
Ayushmann Khurrana
Ayushmann Khurrana shared a video of BTS Jungkook’s single Euphoria on his Instagram storey, and fans instantly swarmed him with remarks asking whether he is a BTS fan, to which he replied yes.

Armaan Malik, a vocalist for EXO-L, is yet another incredible member of the group. After discovering a plethora of K-pop songs on a trip to Dubai, Armaan is ecstatic.
4. Disha Patani
Disha is indeed a BTS fan as well, and she has been known to use BTS music on her Instagram stories on such a regular basis.
5. Diljit Dosanjh
Diljit Dosanjh, a Punjabi singer-actor-celebrity, is yet another well-known ARMY member. Diljit follows BTS on social media as well as being a fan of their music cassette, Boy With Luv.
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